UPDATE: Police are warning parents to keep a closer eye on what their children do online after a Warwick man was charged with nearly 150 sex offences.

Darling Downs district officer Detective Inspector Dave Isherwood said with social media, no-one really knew who was at the other end of the line.

"A person purporting to be a teenager or a child, quite often could be people who are middle-aged or older," he said.

"The parents of children should be aware of the consequences of not having some control over the social media their children are engaging in."

Det Insp Isherwood said what the man had allegedly done was horrific.

"He's enticed children and taken advantage of them… it's an absolute disgrace that this goes on.

"But unfortunately that's the way society is with respect to some people that act inappropriately towards children."

Det Insp Isherwood said there was no information to indicate the man was part of a syndicate of sexual offenders.

Det Insp Isherwood said it appeared the offences took place over a period of between 12 and 15 years.

"A joint investigation was undertaken by Warwick CPIU (Child Protection & Investigation Unit)," he said.

Det Insp Isherwood said the man was charged with 145 charges including rape, child exploitation and grooming offences.

"He targeted children under the age of 16 years.

"He also targeted children in other states.

"He met those children online through various social networks.

"As a result of those interactions he actually go to interact children at various locations."

Det Insp Isherwood said it appeared he used coercive methods to get children to perform sexual acts on him including offering money, other things and various services.

He said at this point in time Queensland was on the only state that was investigating the man.

"As a result of information received police started an investigation and that resulted in a man in Warwick being arrested."

>> Warwick child abuse case sparks warning from police

He said the man was arrested "recently" and in Warwick.

Det Insp Isherwood said there currently no indications that children overseas had been abused.

But he said on-line child exploitation and abuse Task Force Argos was investigating that possibility.

"We would like people to come forward.

"He used the name Jazz, Jazzman or David Bourne so if anyone has information that he may have been in contact with the children, or the children themselves, we'd like them to come forward."

Police tracked the man over 12 months.

"Police conducted a search of his residents and (took possession of) electronic devices," he said

Det Insp Isherwood cautioned that the allegations were "only allegations" and that they would be tested in court.

"Jurors will make the determination as to his guilt or innocence."

9:45AM: A Warwick  man accused of raping underage girls he targeted on the internet will remain in police custody until his next court appearance in July.

The 47-year-old is facing 145 charges related to the alleged rape and exploitation of 28 girls between 2002 and this year.

Police allege the man asked the girls, aged between 11 and 15, for indecent photos and then used them to extort and in some cases rape, film and photograph the girls.

The matter was briefly mentioned in the Warwick Magistrates Court this morning, where it was heard prosecutors would need time to prepare the brief of evidence for such a large amount of charges.

The man did not appear in person but was represented by counsel.

His matter is due to be heard in the court again on July 20 and he isn't required to appear in person on that date.

Police want to speak with anyone who has had contact with someone using the screen names Jazz, Jazzman or David Bourne. If you have information, call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000


Warwick man facing 145 child sex charges

A WARWICK man accused of using the internet to groom young girls for sex is due to appear in court today on 145 charges, including rape and making child exploitation material.

Police have so far located 28 alleged victims they say were preyed on by the man between 2002 and this year.

It is alleged the 47-year-old pretended to be a teenage boy and offered girls aged 11-15 money in return for indecent photos.

He is accused of then using those images to coerce and extort the girls into other acts.

In some cases the man allegedly took the girls to hotel rooms where he had sex with them, filmed it and took photos.

It is further alleged some of the material was traded with others.

The man has been in police custody since his arrest on January 7 and his matter is due to be mentioned in the Warwick Magistrates Court this morning.

Police have charged the man with offences including five counts of rape, four of indecent treatment of a child, eight counts of grooming a child with intent, 20 counts of involving children in the production of child exploitation material, 11 of making child exploitation material, two of making a child abuse film and one of distributing child exploitation material.

Police say the man used screen names including Jazz, Jazzman and David Bourne when interacting with the girls.

Detective Senior Constable Russell Joyce said the investigation, dubbed Operation North Lithium, was a joint investigation between the Warwick Child Protection and Investigation Unit and Taskforce Argos.

The long list of charges follows months of work, which involved locating the alleged victims, who are scattered all over the country.

"A complaint was made to Gold Coast police in April 2014 and we have been working on it since December, trying to track down all of the victims," Det Snr Const Joyce said.

"The reactions when we have found them have been everything from embarrassment to shock and in some respects, relief.

"We are still going and we believe there are more victims out there."

Det Snr Const Joyce said the man's computer had been seized and evidence would show that in many of the alleged cases it took just seconds for the man to request and receive indecent pictures of the girls.

"It's less than a minute from the initial contact to getting the child involved and (allegedly) sending him images," he said.

"He would send them something first and then they would send something back.

"A few seconds later he is asking for, and the kids are providing photographs and it all ends terribly."

Det Snr Const Russell Joyce said crimes involving predatory online behaviour were on the rise.

"We do see it but probably not to this scale of victims in Warwick," he said.

"The internet is where the kids are these days and it is so hard for parents to keep track of what they're doing."

Investigations are continuing and anyone who has had contact with someone using the names Jazz, Jazzman or David Bourne, or who has any other information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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