Adam Phillip Green.
Adam Phillip Green. Ross Irby

Man belts cell mate because he didn't like him

PRISONER Adam Green didn't much like his cell mate and told him to go elsewhere.

He then knocked him out with one blow to his head. The incident was filmed by the jail's security CCTV.

Adam Phillip Green, 42, from Bahrs Scrub at Logan, pleaded guilty before Ipswich Magistrates Court to assault causing bodily harm to the 47-year-old prisoner.

In the Crown case put by prosecutor Noel Needham, the assault occurred on July 13, 2015 in the Southern Queensland Correctional Centre at Spring Creek. Green was then 39.

Judge Dennis Lynch QC said it was a single punch to the older man's face within the jail's exercise yard.

Moments before his assault Green said to the man "get out of our unit".

Security footage records the single blow and the man falling out of view of the camera.

Judge Lynch said the man fell unconscious to the cement floor and suffered a skull fracture, internal bleeding and lacerations.

Green then alerted guards to the fact there was an unconscious man.

The injured prisoner was transported to Princess Alexandra hospital for medical treatment.

At the time of the assault other prisoners were standing close by to the two men, watching the "remonstration" that was happening.

Judge Lynch said that when the man fell these other prisoners walked away.

He found the assault was unplanned.

Judge Lynch said the punch caused a very serious life-threatening injury to the man.

"It was gratuitous violence," Judge Lynch said.

"It cannot be said that he acted in any way to provoke you.

"The fact that you didn't like him is no basis to assault him.

"And it is not a matter for you to determine the operational procedures of the unit.

"Assaults in prison need to be deterred to assist in maintaining proper order and discipline in the prison system."

Judge Lynch accepted it to be an early plea, saying he was not charged until nearly two years later in July 2017.

"No satisfactory explanation was provided as to why this is so. Prison authorities were aware of the assault, they had the CCTV footage, Judge Lynch said.

"I'm told the authorities were well aware you were the perpetrator at the time but there was a considerable delay in you being charged with this offence."

He said Green had previously spent 10 days held back in custody after being charged.

He noted Green had a long-standing drug addiction after using marijuana as a teenager then developing a serious addiction to heroin.

But since then, in documentation before the court, he had taken significant and real steps forward in dealing with this.

Judge Lynch said it would be counter-productive to send Green back to jail for a short time, and there had been a significant delay in the matter.

Green was sentenced to 18 months jail but with the 10 days already spent in custody last year, he was given immediate parole.

"Thank you your honour," said Green, as Judge Lynch warned him to keep out of trouble.

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