Man caught with six different illegal drugs faces court

A LOCKYER Valley man caught with a large stockpile of drugs after trying to outrun police in a high-speed chase faces an unknown wait for a judge to consider his sentence.

Bruce Douglas Parker pleaded guilty to 18 drug and traffic offences and was already in prison on other drug-related matters.

Police intercepted him on March 16 with a cache of meth, LSD, cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy and 2C-B - a synthetic psychedelic drug becoming increasingly widespread in Queensland.

He had more than $4300 in cash, glass beaker wrapped in a sock and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide - an ingredient used in the production of meth.

Other matters before the court related to sophisticated "grow houses" he used for the production of cannabis.

"A particular tragedy for your client is he is plainly an intelligent man and not without resources," Justice Alan Wilson observed.

"He also uses that intelligence in a very business-like way of dealing drugs."

The court heard Parker was in a long-term relationship and had a young son.

He obtained a junior certificate at high school in Rockhampton and went on to work in the motorcycle industry.

His drug problems began after he opened his own custom motorcycle shop and they became freely available.

He moved to Blackbutt before his 20th birthday but was in prison by age 21, "well-and-truly addicted to methylamphetamine".

Several stints in and out of prison have followed.

Justice Alan Wilson said the case was complicated and reserved his judgment to a later date.


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