Man found treatment on the nose

A MARYVALE man who became agitated when told he would have to wait when seeking treatment for a smashed nose found himself slapped with a public nuisance charge.

Steven James Stanek appeared in Warwick Magistrates Court on Tuesday where he pleaded guilty to a charge of public nuisance.

The court heard the 27-year-old sought medical treatment after he fell while working and smashed his nose against a rail.

Bleeding heavily and in a great deal of pain, Stanek attended the Warwick Hospital emergency room and asked to see a doctor.

The court heard a nurse made an assessment of Stanek's injury, gave him an icepack and told him he would have to wait until those waiting before him for treatment were seen by the doctor.

Defence counsel for Stanek told the court her client requested pain medication but was refused.

The police prosecutor told the court Stanek became agitated and threw his icepack, telling the nurse he was not going to wait two hours to see a doctor.

Stanek's solicitor told the court he made two attempts to speak with a member of the hospital's staff but was "blown off" and then left the hospital.

When Stanek began to turn pale, his partner made the decision to take him to Toowoomba Hospital and the court heard Stanek passed out three times on the way.

Stanek's solicitor told the court the man had a multiple fractures of his nose and a depressed bone, which required surgery.

She added that Stanek now has a misshapen nose and requires further surgery to repair the damage.

Magistrate Andrew Cridland admitted the circumstances surrounding the case were "unusual" and not those that were usually seen in relation to a public nuisance charge.

Stanek was placed on a $140 good behaviour bond and no conviction was recorded against him.

When asked for comment, Darling Downs Health Service District's acting chief executive officer Dr Peter Bristow said the department had a zero tolerance for violence against its staff and referred matters to the police when required.

"Patients presenting at hospital emergency departments are treated according to urgency," Dr Bristow said.

"Individual clients' cases and management are confidential and the Health Service cannot comment."

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