Man loses job and flips car after turning to alcohol

A SOUTH Burnett man who turned to alcohol after he was denied access to his children was sacked from his job and flipped his car while under the influence.

Isaiah James Tom was sacked from Swickers Bacon Factory after a violent outburst on October 17.

Defence lawyer Mark Oliver told the Kingaroy Magistrates Court Tom lost his temper and punched a door and wall sheets and kicked lockers when he arrived at work late and was accused of being under the influence of alcohol.

He was charged with three counts of wilful damage.

A month earlier, on September 20, Tom flipped his car on Alice St, Goodna while more than two times over the limit at 0.148 blood alcohol concentration.

He flipped the car after hitting a gutter and as a result his car was written off.

When police attempted to help Tom at the scene of the crash he struck the officer with an open arm and hit him.

He was charged with drink driving and assaulting a police officer.

Mr Oliver said the 31-year-old father had turned to alcohol after he was denied the right to visit his kid and had moved away from the supportive network of his family.

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair recognised that tom had the ability to hold down a job and had intentions of moving to Gatton to engage in employment.

However, Mr Sinclair said Tom needed support to kerb his violent acts and was lucky he had not further endangered the lives of others with his actions.

"The danger that people on the road who drink too much pose is illustrated by the fact that you have flipped your own car," he said.

"Fortunately that has just cost you a lot of money and not every one else."

Tom was placed on a 12 month probation order and disqualified from driving for seven months.

"If you use the time to assist you to reconnect with your family you and the community will be well served," Mr Sinclair said.

He was ordered to pay $2341,24 to Swickers Bacon Factory for the damage and a conviction was recorded on all counts of wilful damage.

Mr Sinclair said that while Tom assaulted an officer and it was regrettable he applied force to an officer it was minimal and no conviction was recorded.

South Burnett

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