Jeremy Keeble, 53, outside court.
Jeremy Keeble, 53, outside court. Ross Irby

Man punched bloked in the head over 'torments'

THREE blokes tormented Jeremy Keeble with nasty name calling at a hotel so he dealt with it his way - he punched one tormenter in the head.

Keeble was instantly remorseful and the injured man was taken to hospital for medical treatment, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard.

"These three blokes were tormenting me. Called me a paedophile," Keeble explained to magistrate Louisa Pink.

"They wouldn't shut their mouths so I dealt with it.

"I'm sorry I gave it to him.

"A couple of blokes got a flogging that night.

"You don't go around calling people that. Especially if they are not."

Keeble, 53, from Riverview, pleaded guilty to assaults causing bodily harm at the Kerwick Hotel in Redbank on January 28.

Prosecutor Sergeant Jo Colston said Keeble and others had been staying in separate hotel rooms when police were called to an incident at 10.30pm.

Sgt Colston said the victim Raymond Milligan told officers he'd been in the living room when Keeble came of out a hotel room and punched him.

She said he was bleeding to both sides of his face and there was bruising and swelling to his temple.

He did not make a complaint straight away and an hour later was transported by ambulance to hospital, making an official complaint to Toowoomba police two days later.

Keeble told police at the Goodna station he'd been living at the hotel and became concerned with some issues.

He was confronting the man about these when he hit him in the head and had felt remorseful by what he did and phoned for an ambulance.

When magistrate Pink noted that he had prior convictions for assaults, Keeble replied saying "they were all self-defence".

Keeble said he could not prove anything about what happened that night because there was no CCTV and it was their word versus his.

"I don't want fines, I've got medical bills," Keeble said.

"I finished my work last week and I'm waiting to go back to work. I'm a plant operator.

"Am I looking at a jail term."

Ms Pink said he'd punched the other man in the head several times and caused bleeding, and had previous convictions for assault which was an aggravating feature.

She noted his remorse, that he called an ambulance, and there was a degree of provocation involved.

Ms Pink sentenced Keeble to 30 days jail, immediately suspended for eight months.

Ross Irby

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