Man 'raped teen boy repeatedly'

A TEENAGER was subjected to rape, physical and mental abuse by a man 12 years his senior for more than a year, a court was told.

The 32-year-old accused man pleaded not guilty yesterday in Bundaberg District Court to six counts of rape and one of assault causing bodily harm while armed.

Prosecutor Amelia Loode said the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, began the attacks on the alleged victim in August 2008 when the teenager was 17.

She said the teen was effectively homeless at the time, moving between the homes of family and friends.

The court was told the teenager went to live with his sister in August 2008 and met the man - her flatmate - at a party there.

Ms Loode said the two slept in the same bed that night.

"(The teenager) went to bed ... and the next thing he knew the defendant was on top of him," she said.

Ms Loode said the man pulled down the teenager's shorts before raping him, and that the boy was too scared to say anything.

Ms Loode said after that night, the man would have sex with the teenager daily in the shower or bedroom, and that the teenager would be punched in the face or ribs if he tried to refuse.

"If the bathroom door was locked the defendant would open it with a butter knife," she said.

The court was told the young man moved to a house in Thabeban in April 2009, after which the older man would come around and harass him.

Ms Loode said at one point the teenager went to see his sister and told her he had been raped by the man, and she promised to protect him.

But in August 2009, the defendant came to the sister's home repeatedly and, after an altercation, the teenager agreed to go with the man.

Ms Loode said the man took the teen to a succession of other homes over the next few months, where he would constantly berate the young man.

She said on one occasion the man punched the teenager for "sweeping the floor incorrectly", while on another, he would hit him or burn him with a cigarette lighter if he said no to sex.

Ms Loode said the man again raped the teenager in a caravan at the back of an East Bundaberg home on November 18, after which police arrived.

She said the teen told police he was safe because some of the man's relatives were present at the time and he was scared.

But later in the afternoon the young man's family came and took him away.

The trial continues today.

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