A man responded angrily when a bus passenger complimented his doughnuts.
A man responded angrily when a bus passenger complimented his doughnuts. Wavebreakmedia Ltd

Man throws doughnuts, pulls knife on bus driver

WHEN an elderly woman admired the bag of delicious-looking doughnuts Shane Maizey held as he boarded a Bundaberg bus, she never expected the volatile response it triggered.

It led to Maizey spitting in the face of a Duffy's City Buses driver and later pulling a knife when he spotted him on a city street.

Now, nearly nine years later, Maizey, 44, went before Bundaberg Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to two counts of public nuisance, assault, going armed to cause fear, possession of a knife in public and assault causing bodily harm. He also pleaded to unrelated lesser charges.

Bearded and with a large star-shaped tattoo across his left eye, Maizey sat quietly in the dock as the charges from March 2009 and 2012 were read.

Police prosecutor Tina Bland said Maizey boarded the bus outside the Hinkler shops at 9.40am carrying a bag of doughnuts when an elderly lady said to him "they look nice".

"I'm sharing my country with you, isn't that enough," Maizey told her.

Maizey made other comments and the bus driver told him to get off, but as he walked past, Maizey spat in the driver's face.

Maizey was called "a black p----" and got briefly back onboard and yelled abuse. Back outside, he threw his bag of doughnuts at the departing bus.

Senior Constable Bland said the bus driver saw Maizey walking on a street half an hour later and with the bus manager approached him, asking Maizey if he wanted "to have a go".

Maizey produced a pocket knife with a 7cm blade and pointed it at the driver but backed off and left the scene.

Snr Const Bland said at 2.45pm the same day, Maizey entered the Commonwealth Bank on Bourbong St where people were waiting in line for a teller.

She said Maizey began "to rant and rave" at a man. Saying he "hates white people", Maizey danced around the man asking if he was a fighter as he had smashed two Irish men.

Maizey punched the man in the face, causing him to fall to the floor and blood to flow from a gash on his nose.

Then in January 2012, Maizey was caught on CCTV shouting out in Brisbane's Albert St before striking a man of Indian appearance.

Defence lawyer Rian Dwyer said the driver had gone looking for Maizey and in his submission said the charges did not justify the 400-plus days Maizey had already spent in custody.

Mr Dwyer said Maizey was a father of two adult children and worked in various jobs including house painting, as a farmhand and Aboriginal dancer.

"All of his offending arises from mental health issues. He has been in and out of a mental health unit," he said.

"Mental health issues play a significant role in his life and offending. He now has psychiatric support and looks a lot healthier."

Magistrate Neil Lavaring sentenced Maizey to 12months jail with immediate release on parole.

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