Queensland Ambulance paramedics have taken a man in his 50s to hospital.
Queensland Ambulance paramedics have taken a man in his 50s to hospital. Madura Mccormack

Man remains on run from police after alleged shooting

UPDATE TUESDAY 7AM: POLICE are still hunting a man, possible armed with a sawn-off rifle, after an alleged shooting incident in Paget yesterday morning. 

A Queensland Police spokesman has confirmed the wanted man was not captured by police overnight. 

Police are appealing to the general public for any information in regards to the incident or the man's whereabouts. 

EARLIER: A MAN, possibly armed with a sawn-off rifle, remains on the run after an incident in Paget in which a man was allegedly shot.  

Police are continuing to search rural properties and cane paddocks through the evening, following an afternoon of chasing leads through the Bakers Creek, Rosella and Homebush areas.   

The RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter was activated by late morning after a suspect was seen heading into cane paddocks.  

Initial investigations show the victim, a 47-year-old Mackay man, had been driving along Connors Rd when he was stopped about 9.30am by at least one person, who then allegedly shot him in the leg and stole his car.   

The man is recovering at Mackay Base Hospital, having also suffered head injuries.  

The incident forced Homebush State School into lockdown for a number of hours due to its proximity to the chase.   

Detective Inspector Brendan Smith said the weapon used appeared to be a sawn-off rifle, which has not yet been recovered.  

"He (the victim) was in that area and (was) asked to drive down the road where the shooting took place," Det Insp Smith said.   
"He was approached by a person who was armed and that person has gotten into the vehicle.  

"It is certainly complicated, but I'm more than happy to say that it is not a random attack, and the broader community of Mackay has nothing to fear from this attack."  


Extensive searches and cordons around the Bakers Creek and Sandiford area, including near the General Gordon Hotel, Walkerston-Homebush Rd, Brieffies Rd, Stockroute Rd, and the Bruce Highway near the Rosella Store resulted in an arrest about 3pm yesterday.  

The RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter was also seen hovering overhead to act as "eyes in the sky".  

Det Insp Smith said the man arrested had been located in a residence near the canefields.   

"Again, that just shows that we bring all resources to bear when we need to, and it shows how we work closely with other organisations like RACQ CQ Rescue," he said.

"You can imagine how much easier it would be to search a cane field from the air."  

Police said the man is assisting them with their inquiries. He is yet to be charged.   

The man who remains on the run is described as being of slim build, wearing a dark shirt, dark pants, black cap and carrying a backpack.  

The man is understood to be travelling by foot, after police found an abandoned car in a cane paddock.   


ONE man has been taken into custody and another remains on the run after an alleged shooting on Connors Rd this morning. 

A man driving along Connors Rd, Paget, was allegedly shot in the leg about 9.30am this morning. 

Police said the injured man was in his car and also suffered a head injury. The man is currently undergoing treatment at Mackay Base Hospital. 

Police have undertaken an extensive manhunt, which included aerial help from the RACQ CQ Rescue chopper when a suspect was seen heading into canefields. 

Detective Inspector Brendan Smith said one man was taken into custody about 3pm and is assisting police with their inquiries. He has not been charged with any offences. 

Police are still searching for another man, described as wearing dark jeans and a dark shirt and carrying a backpack. 

It is unknown if this man is armed. 

Initial investigations have found the gun used was most likely a sawn off rifle. 

Det Insp Smith said the attack is not believed to be random and the community need not worry. 

Investigations are ongoing. 

Anyone who spots the man described in the Rosella/ Homebush area should contact police immediately via Crime stoppers 1800 333 000.


A man believed to armed and involved in this morning's shooting at Paget is still at large in the Mackay region, with police crews and the RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter involved in the search.

Police will address the media at 4pm with an update on the situation.

More to come.

UPDATE 12.30PM: THE black Lancer police are searching for west of Mackay has been sighted again in the vicinity of Homebush Rd. 

There are reports Homebush State School may go into lock-down as a precaution. 

Residents in the area are urged to call police if they spot the vehicle or wanted person. 

UPDATE 12PM: POLICE are now on the look out for a second vehicle after suspicious activity near the scene of the this morning's shooting. 

A vehicle was reportedly driving past the crime scene before taking off at speed. When police followed the vehicle, it continued at high speed, up to 150km an hour, along the Bruce Highway. 

Meanwhile, police are continuing their search of the Black Lancer involved in the initial incident. 

The vehicle reportedly now has a flat tyre and was last seen in the vicinity of the General Gordon Hotel. 

The RACQ CQ Rescue Helicopter is also involved in the search. 

Officers have been advised to put on their bullet proof vests and exercise caution as the offender is understood to be armed. 

UPDATE 11.40PM: POLICE are establishing a cordon in a bid to capture a man allegedly involved in a shooting at Paget this morning. 

Stingers have been set up on the Peak Downs Hwy and the RACQ CQ Rescue Helicopter Service has been tasked to assist with the search. 

The last sighting of the vehicle involved in the chase was at a Homebush Road, Homebush property, with a resident reporting it had cut through their paddock and was heading toward Sandiford Rd. 

More to come. 

UPDATE 11.30AM: MULTIPLE police crews are searching properties and cane paddocks west of Mackay on the look out for a man involved in a shooting at Paget this morning. 

The man is reportedly driving a black Mitsubishi Lancer and was last seen cutting through a property at Bakers Creek. 

A resident reportedly called 000 after the vehicle police are searching for cut through his Petersons Road property about 11.23am. 

More to come. 

UPDATE: MACKAY police are on the hunt for a man they believe may still be armed, after a shooting at Paget this morning.

The victim, a man in his 50s, was shot in the upper leg and also suffered injuries to his head and face during an incident on Connors Road about 9.50am.

He has been taken to Mackay Base Hospital for treatment by Queensland Ambulance Service.

Police are searching for a man described as being aged in his mid-30s, driving a blue Holden Calais, which was last seen on Wardrop Street, West Mackay.

It is understood the Holden sedan belongs to the victim.

It is not known whether the man sought by police and the victim are known to each other.


Police on the hunt for the suspect in a shooting at Paget this morning.
Police on the hunt for the suspect in a shooting at Paget this morning. Madura McCormack

Police officers have been sighted at a warehouse on Connors Road and it's understood they are searching for the firearm used in the shooting.

The public is advised by police to steer well clear of the suspect should they cross paths, as the man may still be armed.

Queensland Police Service is expected to release more information soon.

UPDATE, 10.35am: MACKAY police have confirmed a man has been shot during an incident in Paget this morning.

Detective Inspector Brendan Smith confirmed the victim, a man aged in his 50s, had suffered a gunshot wound.

Police officers were on the hunt for persons connected to the shooting as of 10.30am.

Queensland Ambulance paramedics have been treating the man, who suffered a wound to his upper leg.

INITIAL, 10.27am: PARAMEDICS are treating a man wounded in a reported altercation at Paget this morning, reports Queensland Ambulance Service.

A man aged in his 50s was being assessed after suffering a wound to his upper leg, a spokeswoman said.

Paramedics and officers from Queensland Police Service were called to Connors Road, Paget about 9.50am.

A spokeswoman for Queensland Police said details were scarce as of 10.20am and police were trying to determine what had occurred.

It's not known at this stage whether a weapon was used during the altercation, but that is being investigated by officers.

More information to come.

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