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Mango A Go-Go - by Fleur Lind

Mango A Go-Go

"Oh no!” Patsy was part-way through mashing the potatoes for the evening meal when a significant reminder crashed into her mind, obliterating all other musings she may have had as she worked toward a creamy consistency, free of lumps.

Leaving the potatoes partly mashed, she manically darted around the house wondering what to do first.

The fluro pink marker she had coloured in March 21, 2018, hadn't worked as an alarm clock at all, despite having glanced at it occasionally for the past 2 weeks.

"Cellophane! I need cellophane. And a rubber band. Oh my God!”

Her fingers trembled on the keys as she searched the document of the registration form. Once found and reprinted - as she had spilt tea on the original copy - she grabbed her car keys, jar of mango chutney and phone, and ran out the front door to her car.

Her car pulled up abruptly outside the shopping centre, as she ran to the supermarket, her shoe lace came undone. She ran awkwardly and searched for the aisle for bottling and preserves.

There wasn't one.

Casey, one of the night-fill staff saw Patsy's urgency and tried to help.

The clock was ticking. Patsy did her best in her scrambled, hurried state to convey her need for cellophane to go atop of her chutney, to be entered in the Warwick Show. The rule was clear. It must be cellophane, but with another glance at her watch, a compromise had to be made.

Patsy hobbled in her loose shoe to the fresh produce where she ripped a green bag from the roll beside the bananas. It would just have to do. Casey was at the ready with a pair of scissors to cut the desired shape. The blades were far from sharp.

Job eventually done, she bought 200 rubber bands - 1 was enough - Patsy thanked Casey, who in turn wished her luck for her chutney.

Patsy lined up at the registration table, with 15 minutes remaining before deadline.

The organisers had a roll of cellophane and rubber bands. Patsy rolled her eyes and sighed.

Her mango chutney was registered, and the fee paid.

Her first entry at the Warwick Show was well rewarded with a second prize place.

Fleur Lind

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