Manju Jehu with Woolworths' GM of Customer Loyalty Lizzy Ryley.
Manju Jehu with Woolworths' GM of Customer Loyalty Lizzy Ryley. Channel 10

Manju's yummy samosas to hit stores Wednesday morning

MANJU Jehu has her eyes on the prize after winning Tuesday night's episode of Recipe To Riches.

Her vegetarian samosas will hit Woolworths shelves on Wednesday morning after they beat her World Food competitors' recipes for Chimichurri marinade and XO stir-fry sauce.

She's now keen to beat last week's winner Stephen Perry, whose Hickory Hollow Smoked Sauce sold out in 109 stores nationwide.

"I've been telling everybody now is the time, because every box they buy is a vote for me," Jehu told APN.

"They have to help me if they want me to be the winner.

"Whoever is the winner, we're going to be very happy but I'm not going to give up until the last second."

Whichever product from the show's 11 episodes sells the best during its week in stores will win the overall $100,000 grand prize and a permanent place on Woolworths shelves.

Jehu said it felt like her heart stopped when she was named the winner in tonight's show.

"Sometimes you can be confident as you can, but when the times comes your heart stops," she said.

"You have no idea what's going to happen. When they said it I couldn't believe it."

Since moving to Brisbane from India in 1978, Jehu has witnessed the multicultural explosion in southeast Queensland firsthand.

"If those things were available in that time that are now, then I would have never done cooking; necessity is the mother of invention," she said.

"In 1988 during the (World) Expo suddenly there was a big change.

"In 1978 I could count the Indians (in Brisbane) on my fingers. It has become so multicultural. Everybody loves everybody's food… food brings people together."

She says Recipe to Riches has given her the knowledge about mass production and marketing that she didn't have in 1988 when she was invited to showcase her samosas at Brisbane's World Expo.

"They asked me to make 2000 to 3000 samosas a day and I said 'No I can't'," she said.

"I just didn't know how to make them in that quantity.

"There's a lot of good talent in the public, but a lot of times they don't know how to brand it and market it. Through this show we learned a lot about those things."

Jehu's green and gold packaging for her samosas is a nod to her love of Australia. The 58-year-old hosts a Hindu radio show and has spent the past nine years serving as an honorary ambassador of Indian culture for the Ipswich Council.

"I've spent 25 years in Australia and I really owe a lot to this country," she said.

"I am proud where I've come from, my heritage, but at the same time I'm proud to be a real Aussie.

"I see Australia like a bouquet of flowers; we are all the flowers that make a beautiful bouquet."

Recipe To Riches airs Tuesdays at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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