Married at First Sight's Cheryl in tears during the series.
Married at First Sight's Cheryl in tears during the series.

Married At First Sight rocked by cheating scandal

MARRIED At First Sight has been rocked by a cheating scandal, after 'groom' Jonathan was discovered sending illicit text messages to another 'wife' on the series.

His text connection with New South Wales promotion worker and aspiring author, Scarlett began after last week's explosive dinner party and proved such a devastating development for his TV 'bride' Cheryl, she quit at the weekly commitment ceremony and walked out on her new husband.

The show's psychologist John Aiken has been forced to defend the Channel 9 program's expert matchmakers, after three couples complained they had been paired with incompatible partners.

Aiken described the secret texting as "inappropriate” and a deal-breaker in terms of Cheryl trusting Jonathan any further in the social experiment.

"All I know is that that behaviour is inappropriate. It is certainly something Cheryl would not embrace had she been standing next to him at the time,” Aiken told News Regional Media.

"In the end, she said, 'how can I possibly keep going with you when I feel like you are interested in someone else?' which,” Aiken said, "is fair enough.”

Cheryl and Jonathan on their wedding day.
Cheryl and Jonathan on their wedding day.

But 'the other woman' in TV's latest love triangle, Scarlett said there was nothing untoward about anything exchanged between her and Jonathan - but rather about sharing their mutual love for drinking tea.

"I wouldn't call it cheating. I wouldn't call it scandalous. If it was cheating, then we were all cheating because we were all there for one another,” said Scarlett, who was paired with West Australian stripper Michael.

The 10 couples involved in the reality TV series lived together in a 'village' style apartment complex, coming together each week to film what is often a fiery dinner party scene.

The former Come Date With Me hopeful said she was approached by at least two other 'husbands' on the show, to spend time away from their partners.

"Anthony was like, 'come out and have breakfast with me tomorrow.' Andrew was like, 'if you need someone, I'll give you a call.' Everyone was there for one another for moral support.”

She claimed she reached out to Jonathan only after she saw Cheryl "disrespecting” him at the first dinner party.

"She was humiliating him. She was calling him names, she was saying all these horrible things, and I had to sit there and watch it, and I felt so bad because I had spoken to Jonathan before when we were sitting around on the lounge, and he just seemed like a really nice guy. And it upset me to think she was so negative,” Scarlett said.

"So I was literally like, 'are you OK?' And he was like, 'no, I'm upset.' And I was upset with [her 'husband'] Mike. We were pretty much comforting each other, saying, 'what are we going to do?' And then we started talking about tea for 20 minutes.”

Wait a minute - as in, cups of tea?

"[My husband in the show] Michael doesn't drink tea. I said that to [Jonathon], and he said he loves tea. We were bonding for 20 minutes about what our favourite tea was. I told him Michael was a coffee drinker, and he was like, 'you two were doomed.' And we had a laugh.”

She revealed she has kept in touch with most of the contestants from the show - even Jonathan, who she confirmed had now moved on and was dating a new girlfriend.

She would not be drawn to comment on her love rival, Cheryl.

"She's not a person I would consider a friend. Or a good person, in my life,” Scarlett said.

"She is someone I would want to steer well clear of.”

  • Married At First Sight airs 7.30pm Monday and Tuesday, 7pm Sunday on Channel 9.

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