Mean girls can turn good, but it takes years

RULE THE SCHOOL: Lindsay Lohan and her crew starred in the Mean Girls movie.
RULE THE SCHOOL: Lindsay Lohan and her crew starred in the Mean Girls movie. File

AFTER months of protesting I was finally convinced to attend my 10-year high school reunion on Saturday night.

I'm so glad I did and here are a few reasons why I would recommend the experience to fellow doubters.


1) Friends forever is not just something your write in a yearbook

WHEN I'm nervous I get a rash all over my neck and it had been holding fast for a solid three hours, but as the wine flowed my rash gradually subsided.

By the time it was completely gone I was talking to a girl I was friendly with at school but certainly not close to.

"Jillllll" she screamed, "Oh my God aren't you on the telly?"

Maybe it was the 20 litres of wine, more likely it was the lingering desperation to feel accepted, but whatever the reason I responded with a rather confident "yes".

"Oh my God, I knew that was you!"

I changed the subject and we started talking about her kids.

Forgetting all about it, my best friend from high school later pulled me aside and asked: "Why are you telling everyone you're on TV?"

Word had spread.

I explained I didn't set out to claim I was a budding TV star, it just sort of happened.

"Oh well," she said.

"I've sorted it out, I just told everyone you're not on the TV and are probably never likely to be on the TV unless you write to Dr Harry or something."

Perfect. Good friends are hard to find.


2) Some things never change

EVERYONE was still mingling in their same cliques and the "mean girls" were no exception.

They were sitting outside (probably snickering at my rash) when things got a little heated. Maybe it was the 20 litres of rum they had consumed, more likely it was the fact that they had not matured a bit since school. Whatever the reason, it provided the best entertainment of the night.

"You're just jealous," one of them screeched to another.

I didn't need an invitation - I was straight out there to see what was going on.

Girl number two hit back: "Please, as if I'd be jealous, you know you got fat right?"

And it was on.

Boyfriends were trying to step in and our old principal rushed over as two near 30-year-old women tried clawing each other's eyes out. Age is just a number.


3) Some things do change

ONE of the aforementioned "mean girls" cornered me near the end of the night.

"Uh oh," I thought, she wants to steal my beer money or something.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

You see one of my dear friends was badly bullied at school.

This poor guy would not even make it in the school gates before the competition of who could make him cry first was in full swing.

Anyway, it turned out mean girl had come over to ask where he was.

I informed her that he didn't make it to the reunion because he was too busy having an awesome life with the years of torture far behind him.

"That's a shame, I really wanted to apologise to him," she said.

I nearly spat my wine out.

Maybe it was the 34 litres of Jim Beam she had necked or maybe it was a deep-seated sense of guilt, whatever the reason I was in shock.

She explained that since she had become a mother herself she was now very aware of just how badly she had treated my mate and was desperate to make amends.

I promised her I would pass on her message and I did the next morning.

Her apology meant a lot to him and he forgave her in an instant.

Sometimes leopards do change their spots.

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