Cheryl Warburton lost her best friend Shardy in July.
Cheryl Warburton lost her best friend Shardy in July. The Gympie Times

Dying dog speaks through psychic

RUDYARD Kipling gave us fair warning in his poem The Power of the Dog, advising "brothers and sisters, I bid you beware of giving your heart to a dog to tear."

Kipling knew the pain of losing a beloved pet and so does Cheryl Warburton who lost her best friend Shardy in July.

But the Pomona woman found help from an unlikely place - a pet psychic, who happened to live in the same town as her.

Cheryl's story is about opening your mind to possibilities because this once self proclaimed sceptic is now a believer.

"Some things you have to trust if they feel right," she says.

Golden retriever Shardy had been Cheryl's constant companion since she was an eight week old pup.

"She was my best friend," Cheryl said of the dog she called a loving, giving, free spirit.

"There was just the two of us, we were very close. I thought more of her than I thought of most people."

When the then 12 year old Shardy was diagnosed with bone cancer last year, it was too late for treatment.

To help her come to terms with the fact that she was losing her best mate, a friend suggested she go to a pet psychic.

Cheryl contacted Pomona based Liza Callen, an animal communicator and "pet psychic".

"I was very sceptical, I'd never believed in psychics but I was only there for five minutes and I realized Liza could communicate with my dog."

In the course of the session, Cheryl had many of her questions answered and she says the sense of relief was enormous.

"I wanted to know if Shardy knew she was dying. I wanted to know the right time to put her down. I had a few specific things I wanted to find out. I wanted to make sure she was prepared for it and she wasn't scared," she said.

Liza told her that Shardy was scared for her.

"Shardy was ready to go at any time but wanted to know I wouldn't be a big mess. It gave me a lot of relief.

"We were in tune but to have it verbalized made me comforted to realize that she knew she was going and she was prepared to go."

When Shardy had a bad fall, Cheryl was ready to make the heart wrenching decision to have her four legged friend euthanized and thanks to Liza, the process was made bearable.

"I tell everybody I know about how Liza helped me," she said.

Liza Callen said, as a child, she presumed everyone could hear messages from animals.

"I quite like working with sceptical people," she told The Gympie Times. "The proof is in the pudding."

Liza prefers to call herself an animal communicator and has helped people and animals in Australia and the USA deal with a range of issues from behavioural problems and finding lost animals to acting as a bridge between animals that have died and their owners.

Liza works with all types of animals, not just pets, and has helped with farm stock, zoo animals and wildlife and can even work over the phone.

"Don't ask me how I do it," Liza said.

"I have to do things at a high level of integrity. I have to keep on with my own spiritual evolution and speak my truth as best I feel it. I call in guides and it's like a movie screen sets up in my head.

"It's about practical solutions from a deep place and clearing away the blocks and fears. "It's about the healing; shifting to get them to the next level to live a more purposeful life."

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