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Meet the youth group dedicated to cleaning up our town

A ONE-OFF act of community service has opened the eyes of Warwick youths who are dedicated to cleaning up the town.

A group of three high school girls, along with their youth group, were surprised with the build up of rubbish along the Condamine River.

Heading out one day to provide an act of service, youth group leader Annie Goldman said the girls were determined to make the clean up a regular act.

"We try to teach the group positive values and how to act upon them and contribute to the community,” Miss Goldman said.

"This lesson was in relation to selfless acts and putting others first, so the girls suggested cleaning up around the river.”

After an hour of work the girls noticed a big difference in the area.

"We were surprised with how much we actually collected and the difference it made around the area,” Miss Goldman said.

"We stood back and looked and the river looked so beautiful.”

The sight of rubbish stuck with one member, 14-year-old Abby McLucas, who said picking up rubbish made her understand the harm it was doing.

"Ever since then I keep noticing all the little bits of rubbish around town,” she said.

"I keep thinking about how it is hurting the animals and the environment.

"I'm really making an effort to use less waste and dispose of it properly now.”

During their weekly meeting, Abby suggested turning the good deed into a regular act.

A few weeks later the group met at Australiana Park on Wallace St.

The piles of pizza boxes, chip packets and drink cans were more work for the group, who needed to return the following week.

"There was just so much rubbish hidden in bushes we had to go back a second time,” Miss Goldman said.

"When we returned, so did the trash.”

The youth group agreed to scheduling monthly clean ups in the area and encouraging wider members of the community to join.

Anyone interested in joining the group can contact via their Facebook page, Warwick Youth Connect.

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