Public help arrest man on rampage

MEMBERS of the public stepped in to help police arrest a man on a rampage who was threatening to bite officers during a scuffle late Monday night.

With the help of bystanders, police were able to bring the man under control, ending a night of drama which began with a domestic incident at neighbouring Rockville homes.

The 22-year-old man appeared before Toowoomba Magistrates Court yesterday afternoon on a number of charges including two counts of serious assault arising from his scuffle with police and another count of serious assault arising from knocking over a 69-year-old woman.

The man, who cannot be named due to domestic violence orders, had arrived at his former partner's Rockville home about 6pm and an argument ensued, prompting the woman to run next door for help.

The man followed, kicking in the door of the neighbour's home before knocking over the home's 69-year-old occupant as he brushed past to get at his former de facto, the court heard.

He left before police arrived but was spotted about 11.30pm by the two police officers directing traffic around a wide-load truck exercise.

The officers recognised the passenger in the car as the man wanted for the incidents earlier that night and a scuffle ensued when they tried to arrest him.

Threatening to bite the officers, the scuffle continued until members of the public stepped in to help the officer secure an arrest.

Police claim the man later told them “I'm off my face on drugs”.

He was charged with three counts of serious assault, common assault, stealing, attempting to put in motion a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs, and failing to dispose of drug syringes found on him when arrested.

With his former partner in the back of the court yesterday, the man applied for bail through his solicitor David Burns who described the four-year relationship between his client and the woman as “toxic”.

The couple was well known to police who have had to respond to a number of domestic incidents over that time, he said.

Mr Burns said he had counselled the pair to go their own ways but they had always returned to each other.

However, his client instructed that he now wanted nothing to do with his former partner and was willing to abide by a 24-hour curfew and report to police daily if granted bail.

However, Magistrate Damian Carroll said, though he could impose bail conditions that would restrict the man from approaching his former partner, he could do nothing to keep her away from him and so refused bail, remanding the man in custody and adjourning the case for mention on May 10.

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