An uplifting shot of a rainbow arching over a herd of cattle.
An uplifting shot of a rainbow arching over a herd of cattle. Karenne Mullins

MEMORIES SAVOURED: Floods start photographer's journey

NINE years after the 2010 floods stormed through her property, Karenne Mullins had all but forgotten about the devastating toll left behind.

That was until, inspired by a friend's visit, she took a look over her photos from the time.

"It was hard to imagine it had gone up that high, so to look back on those photos was a reminder of how bad the floods were at that time,” Mrs Mullins said.

"Photos were a way to all these little signs and reminders that you forget until you look back.”

But for Mrs Mullins, photography has always been a way to capture, and recapture, memories.

While most of you know Mrs Mullins from her stunning shots that regularly appear on our Facebook cover photos, she is also the brain behind her own professional photography company, Five Diamonds Photography.

She said she was inspired to start the business after she noticed the attention her photos received when she posted them on Facebook.

"It was a hobby for many years but it started as a business three years ago after my friends asked if I could take photos of their daughters and for events like formals,” Mrs Mullins said.

From there, Mrs Mullins quickly realised the fun that could be had from turning her weekend hobby into a side career, especially with the help of her three daughters, Jessica, 20, Chloe, 19, and Sophie, 17.

"My girls and I do it together for some good quality time. We all love being able to share in those special moments. It's a bit addictive really,” Mrs Mullins said.

Mrs Mullins even credits her youngest daughter Sophie for getting her into photography.

"Sophie loves photography. She is the one who wanted to take photos and is really the reason I started myself. But she's not interested in taking photos of people like me. She just photographs things.”

While Mrs Mullins counts herself 'lucky' to live in an area with such stunning landscape, what she truly loves is photos that tell stories.

One story Mrs Mullins will never forget is from a recent family photo session.

Over conversation, the newly-married couple told Mrs Mullins how their wedding photographer failed to get any close ups of them or edit their final shots.

"I was told that they didn't have a single photo they could hang on their wall,” Mrs Mullins said.

So with just half an hour of golden hour light left, Mrs Mullins quickly suggested to the bride that she put on her wedding dress one last time.

"We didn't get too many but she absolutely loved what we took.”

And that joy, says Mrs Mullins, is worth more than diamonds.

"This is why I love what I do. It's just so rewarding.”

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