Men given probation sentences

TWO Warwick men appeared in Warwick magistrates Court for sentencing yesterday after taking it upon themselves to fleece a woman out of a large proportion of her property while she was out of town.

Cameron Raymond Napper, 21, pleaded guilty to four charges including break and enter, possessing suspected stolen property and breaching bail and probation.

Luke Scott Allanson, 22, pleaded guilty to his sole charge of break and enter.

The court heard the victim travelled interstate at the end of last year and returned in February of this year to find her home had been broken into and a substantial amount of her property had been stolen.

A broken louvre was pinpointed as the entry point and the victim was confronted with rotting food that had been discarded from the fridge and stacked on the bench to decompose.

The fridge was removed from the residence, as was a long list of other items, including a washing machine, entertainment unit, phone, baby change mat and a watch.

The stolen items were recovered by police during a search of Allanson’s residence in February.

A 40cc motorbike was also stolen from the property but was later recovered by police.

Defence counsel for the pair said Allanson appeared to be the innocent victim in the situation and was asked by Napper to help him remove some items from the property.

The court heard Napper told Allanson he had permission to remove the items.

Police also recovered a number of road guide posts from Napper’s residence, which had been stolen from Grafton St and Junabee Rd.

The court heard the posts were dirty at the bottom and clean at the top, indicating they had been removed from the ground, and had been tagged in permanent marker with the word “Cammo”.

The police prosecutor said Napper admitted he knew the Perspex posts were council property but said he “thought it would be fun to take them home and draw on them”.

Magistrate Anne Thacker sentenced Napper to 14 months probation and ordered him to pay $456.50 restitution for the damaged street posts.

The court heard Allanson had no history of similar offences and he was sentenced to nine months probation.

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