Miner’s drug stash kept close to precious package

A CENTRAL Queensland miner was found with three different types of drugs stashed in his underwear.

Clinton John Burns, 38, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday to three counts of possessing illegal drugs.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Ellysha Geddes said police intercepted a Mazda on East Lane, Depot Hill at 11am on July 2 and detained the occupants for a search.

She said Burns, who was a passenger, had a clip seal bag concealed in his underpants near his genitals.

Sen Constable Geddes said police repeatedly asked him to remove the bag and when he complied, police found 2.5g of marijuana inside it.

She said they also found four clip seal bags containing 3.45g of methamphetamine and another clip seal bag containing Xanax tablets.

Defence lawyer Grant Cagney said Burns hadn't had a drug conviction since 2013 and had gone on a downward spiral after his marriage ended.

He said Burns was again in a relationship and was addressing his drug issues through the treatment program Lives Lived Well.

Mr Cagney said Burns had worked in the mining industry for the past nine years when he wasn't incarcerated and currently worked at Saraji Coal Mine at Dysart.

The court was told Burns was on parole for unrelated offending.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke sentenced Burns to four months' prison, wholly suspended and operational for 12 months.

Convictions were recorded.

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