POLITICAL GIANT: Mr Otto Madsen MLA. Contributed

Blast from the past: Minister had agricultural experience


WARWICK General Elections, May 3, 1947 to date.

Minister Agricultural and Stock, August 12, 1957, to June 9, 1960; Minister Agricultural and Forestry and Minister Public Lands and Irrigation, June 9, 1960, to June 16, 1960; Minister Agricultural and Forestry, June 16, 1960 to date.

The story used to be told of Sir Thomas Bent, a former Victorian premier of large proportions, that his innate courtesy was such that he invariably gave up his seat when travelling on a train to three ladies.

Mr Otto Madsen is like Sir Thomas Bent in two respects. He is the soul of geniality and courtesy and he is a political giant in the physical sense, as well as being, because of his practical experience one of the best informed Ministers of Agricultural and Stock Queensland has ever had. Mr Madsen of giant statue, is the biggest man who has ever sat in the Queensland Parliament, and anecdotes, some of them no doubt apocryphal, are told of the chairs that have collapsed under the unsupportable burden of his 24-stone weight.

Imperturbable in the hottest debate, Mr. Madsen never loses his blandly benevolent air even when he is, in deep resonant tones, pointing out the sins and omissions of erring political opponents.

Born In Warwick in 1904, Mr Madsen was educated at Tannymorel State and Warwick State High Schools and has been farming since boyhood.

The owner of a dairy farm at Yangan, Mr Madsen is one of the best informed Members of Parliament on the economics of the dairying industry. He has taken a leading part as state president of the Queensland Dairyman's Organisation, director of a dairy association and Cold Stores Co-Operative and a member of district, state and national farmers and marketing organisations.

Mr Madsen has represented Warwick as a member of the Country Party since 1947.

Like his fellow Cabinet members, Mr Madsen relinquished all directorships and official positions following his appointment as Minister for Agricultural and Stock.

Mr Madsen is a widower with an adult family of three.

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