The missing 'teacher' created for Jumpers and Jazz in July.
The missing 'teacher' created for Jumpers and Jazz in July. Warwick Daily News

Missing 'teacher' sparks search

DO you have information on the whereabouts of a tall blonde abducted in broad daylight early yesterday from Palmerin Street?

If so, the pupils and staff of Glennie Heights State School want you to come forward.

'Miss Glennie', the tall teacher crafted by the kids as part of their Jumpers and Jazz entry, has vanished from her possie on a street tree near Dick Smith Electronics at the southern end of the main street.

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, a school spokeswoman said yesterday they were now “awaiting a ransom note” from Miss Glennie's apparent kidnappers.

“We just want to hear that she is being looked after properly,” she told the Daily News.

“But jokes aside, the children are very sad the 'teacher' they made for Jumpers and Jazz has disappeared.

“It would be great if whoever has taken her could keep that in mind and do the right thing by putting her back.”

The spokeswoman said she noticed the curly-haired cutie was nowhere in sight when she went to collect the school's mail from the post office mid-morning yesterday.

“A couple of the pupils said she was definitely there early in the morning, so the kidnappers must have done the job in daylight,” she said.

“It would have taken quite an effort to get her off as she was firmly attached to the tree with several pieces of wire.”

She said the children started putting Miss Glennie and the rest of the display together in the week before the school holidays and made the finishing touches last Monday before wiring her up.

Brazen thieves have also struck the devilish tree jumper created by the Wattle-Doo Craft ladies in front of the store.

Wendy Utz said their tree jumper was erected Thursday night and the prized devil mask was taken from the display less than 24 hours later.

“The theme for the tree jumper was 'devilish good winter fun',” Mrs Utz said.

“The joke falls flat; it's ruined.”

However Warwick Art Gallery director Karina Devine remained positive and hoped the recent thefts would not deter people from entering their displays in the future.

“Two pieces out of 150 have been taken, so that's pretty good,” Ms Devine said.

“I check all the trees at 6am; unfortunately masks appeal to bozos.”

Regrettably Ms Devine's fears have proved true as last week she mused, “anything with a head or breasts are sometimes targeted by thieves”.

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