Mistress says Gerard Baden-Clay had two other lovers

ACCUSED wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay's former mistress has revealed he was having an affair with two other women including one while he was in a four-year relationship with her.

An emotional Toni McHugh told his Brisbane Supreme Court murder trial on Tuesday she honestly believed Mr Baden-Clay would leave his wife for her.

Ms McHugh, giving evidence for the second day at the trial, choked back tears when asked about their relationship.
Defence barrister Michael Byrne said Mr Baden-Clay had been promising Ms McHugh he would leave his wife for many years but never acted on it.

Mr Byrne showed the court an email between the two sent on March, 27, 2012, which he claimed showed how frustrated

Ms McHugh was getting because their relationship was not progressing in the way she wanted.

"I looked at rental properties tonight. There is not many available. Have you thought about what you are going to do for a place? It would be so much easier if you just moved in with me. She can get her own place and the week you have the children you move back to the house. She does not need to know where you are staying! Sorry it is up to you to work out and I should not interfere. I am sorry," Ms McHugh said in the email.

Mr Byrne said Mr Baden-Clay was getting on with his life but Ms McHugh was not.

"I was getting on with my life and he was getting on with his," she said.

"That is correct," Mr Byrne said.

"That was the agreement . . . with the intention of being together," she said.

"Well if that is what you believed," Mr Byrne said.

"He seemed to be getting on with his life without you," he added.

Gerard Baden-Clay, 43, is accused of murdering his wife Allison Baden-Clay, 43, in April, 2012.

He reported his wife missing on the morning of April 20, 2012, telling police she had failed to return from her morning walk.

A canoeist, Daryl Joyce, located her badly decomposed body 10 days later underneath Kholo Creek Bridge.

Mr Baden-Clay has pleaded not guilty to her murder.

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