Morcombes flooded with messages

SUNSHINE Coast residents who have shared the painful journey with Bruce and Denise Morcombe have flooded Facebook and Twitter with messages of support after the arrest of a 41-year-old former tow truck driver over Daniel's death.

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation page has been filled with pages of posts not only from the Coast but from around the world.

Young people the same age as Daniel, who would have been 21, still vividly remember the moment news of his disappearance first broke.

Others who were not even born then know of Daniel's story because of the work Bruce and Denise have done across Australia in promoting child safety.

"My five year old sat with me whilst we watched the press conference, he knows about Daniel because of school and we are always talking about him,'' Melanie Appleby wrote.

"He was very saddened by this, and we all hope that they find Daniel soon. My heart goes out to you all as I could never imagine what it would feel like to lose my son or daughter...

"Thank you sooooo much for making our children live in a safer world. RIP Daniel...''

Karen Ashdown wrote: "Every Australian should be saying a prayer for the Morcombe family tonight not only for the last 8 years but for the ordeal that is to come.''

"It no doubt will be shocking and confrounting for them and I hope that when he is found he can be laid to rest with the dignity that he deserved in his to short life.''

Beatrice Bartelt, from Germany, said she read about Daniel's story in 2008 while she was on the Sunshine Coast.

"I always hoped that he would be found alive.''

Marie-Therese Curtin said she had her child, then 14, taken from her to another state.

"I did not see him for three years..The agony is immense..When I saw him again.. I was in shock..and I had seen an angel..

"Daniel is an angel.

"My feelings are with you Morcombes... really with you.. prayers for you to the angels in heaven.''

Trina McNab also had some well chosen words of comfort for the Morcombe family.

"A little bit of Daniel lives safely in the hearts of us all,'' she wrote.

"There is nothing anyone can do or say to take your pain away,'' wrote Kristy Lea.

Tonya Donnelly said the while yesterday's arrest was 'cheered by a nation' people should remember it is "bitter sweet to now know that the tiny glimmer of hope that you must have all had hidden away has now been dashed.''

"The heart of a nation is behind you and Daniel's melting smile will NEVER be erased from our hearts and minds.

"He will be always looking over you, keeping you sane, giving you the strength to get through this.''

A selection of some of the thoughts posted

Kaylie-Anne Beasley

A family is grieving,a community mourning, a state in despair and a nation in shock... A life so young taken too soon, may he rest in peace as justice is served on whom took him from us too soon...

Your family, community, state and nation never gave up on you Daniel, they fought to find you and may closure come soon and bring you home. R.I.P .forever loved and always remembered

Kristy Lea
Sending all my love to the Morcombe family. There is nothing anyone can do or say to take your pain away.
You have already been through so much and there is so much more to come.

I'm sure i speak for everyone when i say that everyone in australia tonight will be thinking of you all. May you rest in peace daniel, you may be gone but you will never be forgotten! such a beautiful boy taken way to soon.

Kristina Vassallo
Thinking of the Morcombe family as the time for closure hopefully draws near. Praying you get your son & brother home to say goodbye. The community of the Sunshine Coast will never forget him or the strength your family has shown in all that you are doing for others. May he finally rest in peace

Karen Nicholls
In the days that follow just know that you are NOT alone. You have many thousands of Australians sending you comfort and love. May you all finally be given the closure you have bravely fought for so long.

You never gave up looking for answers and although the facts that were reported today are NOT what you had hoped to hear, draw strength from all of us as a nation we are with you all xxx

Stacey Marshall
I held back tears as I watched this tonight... You never got to live your life to the fullest or reach your true potential. You were taken from this world much too soon but you will live forever within our hearts and the hearts of those you loved you the most. R.I.P Daniel you will forever be remembered and your innocence will always remain.

Trent Felstead
My heart goes out to Daniel and his family... I was only 14 when daniel went missing but I still remember the news report, and since then this mystery has captured a nation and the hearts of so many.

Now finally there is some closure and Daniel's family can have some closure now, they seem to be such couragious people!! There should be a state wide memorial day for Daniel.. RIP Dan ! !

Amanda Jamie MacRae
Daniel Morcombe is the same age as me , and i am a young 21 year old and I remember when he went missing and we hoped against hope that they would find him and I love the fact that they have.

I'm so glad that the family can now have peace. It's not what they want but Daniel would be so proud of his family for never giving up hope . Amazingly strong people and the public is here if you need us

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