More farmers to be protected from mining

FARMERS around Roma, Miles and Rolleston are set to see extra protection from mining under proposed Queensland Government restrictions.

The government has proposed to a 40% increase in areas dubbed Strategic Cropping Land which Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney said would allow farmers to object to resource activities.

Field technicians are yet to "ground truth" the proposed strategic cropping land trigger map which could see minor changes before the December deadline.

Mr Seeney said the increase in areas dubbed strategic would give protection to more farmers across Queensland.

"Should a landholder not agree to a proposed resource activity on this newly added SCL, the resource company will need to go through a Regional Interest Assessment process, ending the prospect of landholders being taken to Land Court after 40 days," he said.

"Our government has now extended its commitment to restore the balance of power between rural producers and resource companies to a whole new area of land."

Agriculture minister John McVeigh said the maps would be finalised before the end of the year.

The Queensland Resources Council chief Michael Roche said the announcement had taken them "by surprise" and they had not seen the maps before release.

"We would, of course, expect existing resource operations and projects at advanced stages of approval to be unaffected by any new requirements," he said.

"QRC and its members are proud of their strong track record of co-existence with the agriculture sector and we look forward to both sectors being able to bring jobs and prosperity to rural and regional Queensland.

"The government has sought to refocus strategic cropping land to deliver productive coexistence.

"QRC members are working hard with individual landholders to ensure that they have fair say in how resource projects are designed and operated on their properties."


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