Ipswich MP Ian Berry (standing).
Ipswich MP Ian Berry (standing). Greg Miller

MP Berry denies conflict on tough new bikie laws

BUNDAMBA MP Jo-Ann Miller says her LNP rival Ian Berry should resign from the parliamentary Legal Affairs Committee over a submission he made on the Bligh Government's proposed bikie laws.

Mr Berry signed off a submission criticising the Bligh Government's crackdown in his position as president of the Queensland Law Society in 2009.

The proposed law changes were to prevent bikies from associating with each other.

The four-page submission stated, "there is little evidence that these laws are necessary in Queensland or that they are likely to be effective".

It also said the laws were an "attack on the right of freedom of association".

Mrs Miller said the Ipswich MP should resign so there was no danger of a conflict of interest.

"Mr Berry has his views, he has been extremely clear in stating those views on the record and those views are the complete opposite to the Premier's.

"His position as committee chair is untenable."

Mr Berry said the letter outlined the position taken by the Queensland Law Society.

"As president I signed all correspondence on behalf of the society and it does not represent my personal views," he said.

"I didn't write the letter. It was written by a policy advisor."

He said the law society's role was to critique proposed legislation.

He backs the Newman Government's crackdown on bikie violence.

He said the bikie incidents in the past weeks had escalated since the Bligh Government laws were drafted.

"It's a problem which is continuing to get worse, now they are coming out into the public and brawling in restaurants."

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