My baby's driving now, so mind your Ps and Qs

MY BABY girl is a freshly minted P plater and I am a nervous wreck.

I just want to wrap her car with industrial strength bubble wrap, attach neon flashing signs and some special electronic magnetic repelling force field to ensure she stays in one piece.

But I can't do that so here's the next best thing - I'm asking all of you to watch out for her and drive extra carefully.

And please spread the word. I want everyone out there to help keep the gorgeous, friendly beautiful girl we love and adore safe as she travels the roads.

I have done my best to teach her well: I have invested way more than 100 hours in teaching her the skills she needs to survive on the roads and spent hundreds of dollars on professional lessons so I can honestly say I have done all I can to prepare her for the road ahead.

But it still doesn't seem to be enough - what I really want  but can't buy is some magical bubble that  I can fit around her so that she comes home safe to us every day.

And yes, I know it's easy to pick on the P platers - some of them are an accident waiting to happen but there are plenty who are responsible and considerate. 

But that P plate is a sign to the rest of us that despite what they might think they are still learning, growing and developing their skills.

Those P plates are our signal to drive a little more carefully around them, to give them a bit more room and try to anticipate the foolish or downright stupid things they might do.

I'm not saying we should excuse dangerous driving but can't we all be a little forgiving and remember that somebody is worried about these kids getting home safe tonight, even if they don't to seem care for their own safety. 

I know she will make mistakes on the road, as we all do from time to time. All I can hope for is that her mistakes are minor and don't change her life or someone else's.

I hope her mistakes teach her to be a better driver but never cause her physical pain. I hope she gets to enjoy the freedom of being able to drive herself to school, the movies or her sister's house but I also hope those simple drives don't become the stuff of my nightmares …or hers.

So watch out for my girl - and I'll watch out for those you love.

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