WARWICK 2066: Start planning now

WARWICK has changed substantially during the past 50 years, but nothing like what is going to take place over the next 50.

As south-east Queensland expands, more pressure will be on the Rose City to support this growing population.

This is reflected in the vision put forward by the community leaders who have taken part in our special report, Warwick 2066.

Leaders like Mayor Tracy Dobie and Warwick Credit Union CEO Lewis von Stieglitz have identified the need for better training and education facilities to ensure the region has the skills needed to meet the demands of a growing Queensland.

They have spoken about better infrastructure to drought-proof the region and ensure a high standard of liveability.

And they have raised the need for better transport, which will be vital to getting products, goods and services to the rapidly growing areas.

The need for better youth services and facilities also featured prominently in Warwick 2066. Regional communities like Warwick have suffered because of the exodus of young people. They are needed if the city is to meet future demands.

Warwick is on the cusp of an amazing period.

The next 50 years will be a time of major changes, growth and prosperity.

But the discussion must start now to ensure the community does not suffer and the changes - whatever they may be - lead to a better Warwick for all.

Hopefully, our special Warwick 2066 reports is the starts the conversation.

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