IN COURT: These are the Warwick residents most recently convicted of dealing drugs. Picture: Richard Waugh
IN COURT: These are the Warwick residents most recently convicted of dealing drugs. Picture: Richard Waugh

NAME AND SHAME: Warwick drug dealers face court

From a man who claimed he was only dealing to his friends, to a mum keeping track with a tick sheet, several Warwick residents have been convicted of drug dealing over the past month.

Whether they're busted in a police raid or even a simple search of their mobile phone, each person appears in court ready to plead their case.

This is the full list of Rose City drug dealers convicted within the past month:


Warwick police raided Sonja Michelle Brown's home on November 30, where they found a mobile phone with messages from people trying to buy marijuana.

The 43-year-old was also found with 6.5g of marijuana, three sets of scales, a bong, a grinder, and a tick sheet with names and dollar amounts from previous drug sales.

Defence lawyer Clare Hine said the mother-of-five was introduced to marijuana by her own mother at 15, and was clean for years before a relationship breakdown sparked her return to drugs.

Ms Hine added her client was co-operative with police and took minimal profit from the dealings.

Brown pleaded guilty to one count each of supplying dangerous drugs, possessing dangerous drugs, possessing drug utensils, and possessing anything connected to a crime.

She was fined $700.


Sourcing marijuana for his friends landed Warwick man Bradley Thomas O'Connell in hot water.

Stanthorpe police raided an Applethorpe home on June 9 last year, where they found the 23-year-old with a mobile phone revealing his drug dealing habit.

O'Connell was again busted with a pipe at an Applethorpe house on August 24.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan said the man supplied marijuana to friends and acquaintances on four occasions in Warwick and Applethorpe, in amounts between 1.5g and 8g.

Defence lawyer Clare Hine told the court O'Connell struggled with PTSD, anxiety, and ADHD, but had an otherwise clean criminal record.

O'Connell pleaded guilty to four counts of supplying dangerous drugs and one count each of possessing drug utensils and an item connected to a crime.

He was fined $550 and no conviction was recorded.


A Warwick father was told to choose between dealing drugs and his responsibility to his children, after pleading guilty to supplying marijuana.

A police raid at Adrian Charles Dylan Thorne's Warwick home on December uncovered a homemade taser, pocket-knife with a concealed blade and a bong.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan told the Warwick Magistrates Court the 26-year-old admitted selling marijuana to two other people in the Warwick and Toowoomba areas.
Police also uncovered Facebook messages where Thorne tried to source marijuana but never followed through with it. Thorne claims he never made a profit from the dealings.

Acting magistrate Rob Turra said it was time for the father-of-two to "wake up to yourself" and stop fronting court for such offending.

"The problem here is you were before the court in September and the magistrate's words should have been ringing in your ears when you committed these further offences," he said.

"You need to decide whether you want to focus on your children and work and those things, or supplying pot and the consequences."

Thorne pleaded guilty to supplying drugs, two counts of unlawful possession of weapons and possessing anything used in the commission of an offence. He was fined $750.


A Warwick man had a narrow escape from a potential jail sentence after pleading guilty to supplying drugs while on probation.

Police found a drugs 'tick sheet', about 8g of marijuana, three sets of scales and a homemade bong at the home of Max Brown-Heinemann, who the court heard was formerly known as Keelyn Mariee, on November 30.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan told the court Brown-Heinemann admitted to police he had supplied weed to his friends "every day for months".
The 21-year-old, who was on probation at the time, told the court he was not making a profit, but rather just assisting his friends with sourcing the drug.

The court was told Brown-Heinemann also failed to complete 20 hours of previously court-ordered graffiti removal and had not engaged with a related probation order.

The Warwick man told magistrate Rob Turra he was a different person and assured His Honour he would comply with any further orders.

Brown-Heinemann pleaded guilty to supplying a dangerous drug, contravention of a probation order, contravention of a graffiti removal order, contravention of a police direction, possessing utensils and possessing anything used in the commission of an offence.

He was sentenced to 50 hours' community service, to be completed within 12 months, and fined $400.


A woman who sourced marijuana for a family member to combat their back pain has pleaded guilty to drug supply.

Maree Elizabeth Chandler was stopped on the Allora back road on December 11, when police noticed she was fidgeting with her jumper.
Despite her insistence she wasn't hiding anything in her clothes, police directed Chandler to empty her pockets and she removed a bag with 14g of marijuana inside.

Chandler told officers she didn't use the drug, but had bought it for her family member, who had given her $200 for the transaction.

The court heard Chandler had no drug history and was honest with police during the incident.

She pleaded guilty to supplying and possessing a dangerous drug, and was fined $400.
No conviction was recorded.





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