SHOPLIFTING: Petty theft were some of the more minor offences. Photo: iStock
SHOPLIFTING: Petty theft were some of the more minor offences. Photo: iStock

NAMED: Warwick’s fraudsters, thieves, and more

SERIAL thieves and credit card fraud- scores of Warwick tricksters are busted for their illegal schemes each year.

Here is your list of the fraudsters, shoplifters, and more who have come through the Warwick courts so far in 2020.



A serial thief who flouted a Rose City Shoppingworld banning order to go on a stealing spree has narrowly avoided a stint in jail after being busted yet again.

Raymond George Alldridge stole items worth hundreds of dollars in total from major retailers such as Big W, Woolworths, and the Reject Shop in April.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan asked for the 44-year-old to be given a jail sentence, in light of his "extensive history" of similar offending.

Magistrate Julian Noud acknowledged Alldridge had been "in the grips of a drug addiction", but urged him to enter rehabilitation and break the habit for good.

The 44-year-old pleaded guilty to three counts of stealing, two counts of trespass, and one each of possessing a knife in public and failing to dispose of a needle.

He was jailed for two months but was released on immediate parole.




A 22-year-old Warwick man stole speakers worth $500, shattered a restaurant's front door during a fight, and smoked drugs with a minor during a four-month crime spree.

Brandon John Allen stole a Sony speaker worth $269 from Warwick's Big W on October 7, then returned the very next day to steal another of the items.

The man attracted police attention only months later when he got into a fight outside Roses Chinese Restaurant on December 31, smashing the glass front door and causing almost $400 in damage.

Allen pleaded guilty to two counts of stealing and one each of wilful damage, possessing dangerous drugs, and possessing drug paraphernalia.

He was placed on six months' probation.




An elderly man and a teenager became one of Maryvale's most unlikely crime duos when they teamed up to commit almost $400 of credit card fraud in one day.

Howard William Lee, 78, and Zachariah Joshua George Jordan, 18, stole a purse containing $250 in cash and a debit card, which they took on a $320.60 spending spree across Maryvale.

Both Lee and Jordan pleaded guilty to six counts of fraud and one count of stealing.

The 78-year-old was fined $200, his younger partner $150, and they were ordered to pay an additional $160.30 each in restitution.

No conviction was recorded.




A man who stole a $40,000 truck before heading on a crime spree across the southeast of the state could face an additional four years in jail on top of a two-year suspended sentence.

Joshua John Tilmouth took the vehicle from a rural property, which police traced for five days across to the northern suburbs of Brisbane, and then back to Dalby.

The Warwick District Court proceedings did not specify the location of the assault or initial theft, and police eventually found the vehicle burnt out at Brush Creek, near Goondiwindi.

The 29-year-old assaulted and threatened a stranger when they refused to drop charges against his friend earlier that year.

Tilmouth pleaded guilty to one count each of attempting to pervert the cause of justice, assault occasioning bodily harm, arson, and unlawfully using a motor vehicle.

He also pleaded guilty to 14 summary charges including stealing, fraud, and a number of drug and traffic offences.

He will be eligible for parole on July 31, 2021.




Only months before his first offence, Raymond George Alldridge again committed a string of petty thefts across Warwick.

The 45-year-old was at the Warwick Post Office in Januaray when he stuffed a flatscreen TV into his bag and left, making "no attempt to pay for it".

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan said Alldrige soon "panicked" about the theft, and only an hour later drove while unlicensed to put the TV back on the shelf.

In May, the 45-year-old went through a checkout to pay for milk and bread, but stole a number of extra, unidentified items by stuffing them in his pockets.

Alldridge pleaded guilty to one count each of stealing, stealing after a previous conviction, possessing dangerous drugs, contravening a police direction, and unlicensed driving.

He was sentenced to one month's jail with immediate parole due to his criminal record, and fined a further $200 for the driving offence.





A woman who stole goods worth hundreds of dollars from a retailer told the Warwick Magistrates Court she only did so under the influence of her boyfriend.

On nine separate occasions in November and December last year, Rachel Elise Ney stole items with a total value of $903.80 from the Big W store in Rose City Shoppingworld.

The 27-year-old stuck the barcode of a pot plant worth one dollar over that of a more expensive item, and then paid for it through a self-serve checkout.

Ney pleaded guilty to nine counts each of stealing and fraud.

She was placed on 18 months' probation and ordered to pay $451.90 in restitution.

No conviction was recorded.

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