BOOZED UP AND BADLY BEHAVED: Warwick’s worst drunk antics.
BOOZED UP AND BADLY BEHAVED: Warwick’s worst drunk antics.

NAMED AND SHAMED: Warwick’s most disgraceful drunks

FROM a shock bite from a stranger to screams of “slut” at a female police officer, the Southern Downs has seen its fair share of alcohol-fuelled crime.

Here are five of Warwick’s most “un-bloody-acceptable” drunken antics.

“Come on slut, handcuff me!”

In January of this year, a Warwick man faced jail time after he called a female police officer a ‘f-----g slut’ during a drunken brawl at the Roma Races.

Jake Jason Langan and his brother were involved in a five-man punch-up at the Roma Turf Club on November 16 when police were forced to intervene.

When a female police officer attempted to arrest Langan, he allegedly resisted and hurled abuse at her.

The police prosecutor told the court Langan said, “Come on, slut, handcuff me!”.

Magistrate Bevan Manthey said Langan’s behaviour was “disgusting” and “un-bloody-acceptable.”

Langan pleaded guilty to the public nuisance offence and was advised to find a lawyer and send the officer an apology letter.

The case was adjourned until March 23.


Man’s ear bitten in early morning attack

Australia Day celebrations turned sour for a 39-year-old man when he was attacked by strangers and bitten on the ear during his walk home.

The victim called police after he was approached by an unknown man on the footpath outside the Palace Hotel in the early hours of the morning.

A fight broke out in which the victim alleges he was bitten on the ear.

The fight was broken up by a third party.


Intoxicated Dad picks up kids from daycare

On December 12, a 34-year-old Stanthorpe man was caught speeding while intoxicated while on his way to pick up his children from day care.

Wallangarra Sergeant Alan Baker labelled the New England Highway incident particularly shocking.

“It’s obviously very disappointing that an otherwise responsible adult would do something like that,” Sgt Baker said.

“If in doubt, don’t do it.”


Wannabe lawyer fights out of handcuffs

Last year, in another race day gone wrong, a drunken law student found himself in Warwick Magistrates Court after a hostile, drunken fight with Leyburn police.

After a day at the Clifton races, an intoxicated Tristan Daniel Heiner staggered over to police outside The Club Hotel.

He yelled at police to, ‘Just arrest me!’ and refused to listen when denied entry to the bar.

After police forcibly removed Heiner he continued be verbally abusive and hostile.

Heiner pleaded guilty to one charge each of failing to provide particulars, resisting an authorised person after being refused entry and failing to wear a seatbelt.

The man was ordered 100 hours of community service and no conviction was recorded.


Warwick pub pest

A Warwick man, labelled a “serial pub pest”, appeared in Magistrates Court last year after police were called to forcibly escort him from the Malt House.

Officers were called to the Malt House in March because Daniel Victor Wilson was staggering around, slurring his words, failing to pay for his meal and refusing to leave the premises.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant de Lissa said police offered to take him home or to a friend’s place, but he refused to get in the car.

When he did, he lay with his legs out the door so it could not be shut.

Wilson pleaded guilty to one count each of failing to leave and obstructing police near a licensed premises and failing to appear.

Wilson was sentenced to three months’ jail, which was suspended for a year and fined $750.


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