Southern Downs residents are more than ready for their next walk to the rain gauge.
Southern Downs residents are more than ready for their next walk to the rain gauge. Gerard Walsh

Need 320mm rain in 20 days to reach average for year

DRY AS A BONE column in Bush Telegraph by Gerard Walsh - A lighter look at rural life

THERE are 20 days of the year to go and we need 320mm rain to reach our average at a touch over 650mm.

Despite a relatively wet two months, there has only been 330mm at our property at Greymare so far this year.

Surprisingly, the cattle have done well and put on weight since the rain started but my guess is we will be back to where we were by the end of January.

The CEO was worried about all the hay I had bought and then we didn't need it.

As it gets drier by the day, the CEO hasn't said much more about our excess hay.

One plus of the wetter weather is the price of hay has come back a little.

Cattle and sheep prices are strong and it seems unlikely markets will drop back next year. Nationwide rain should increase both markets.

Without rain this month, 2018 will be one of the two driest years in the past 90.

Global warming

I AM not one of the people saying there is nothing in climate change.

I haven't analysed the weather enough to come up with definite answers but it does seem to me it is getting hotter and our weather will have more of the highs and lows rather than 50mm-plus rain a month for the whole year.

Clearly, the weather is getting hotter.

If our average rainfall at Greymare is just more than 650mm, you could say we need another 50mm to 100mm annually to make up for the heat.

The last fall at our place was 19mm but hot weather and wind made sure the benefit will be short lasting.

Local derby

DOWN the years, many rural communities had their own cricket team and played games on a home and away basis.

Now there aren't clubs in small districts like Dalveen, Yangan, Greymare, Leyburn and Karara.

In Warwick, we still have three district teams, Maryvale, Wheatvale and Victoria Hill, and a team in a small town, Allora.

I can recall playing cricket against teams from Tannymorel and Killarney.

There was a Gladfield team 50 years ago as well as a Maryvale team and, in more recent years, Inglewood played in Warwick, winning A and reserve-grade premierships.

My father used to point out to me where the Sandy Creek cricket field was back in the 1920 and 1930s.

Please email me about all the other cricket wickets down the years, gerardw@warwick

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