Nelson family reunited

KILLARNEY Showgrounds will be the venue for many descendants of Carl and Hanne Nelson, and Carl's brothers Anton and Melhe Nelson.

There will be Nelson family members travelling from great distances to attend, as well as many who have remained living close to where the Australian connection first began.

They will gather together to swap family stories and photos, and just get to know each other.

Carl was born in Lindelse, Denmark in 1861, while Hanne was born in Rudkjobung, Denmark in 1863.

Carl landed in Australia in 1882 and worked on the Warwick to Killarney railway line while waiting for Hanne and baby Charles to arrive from Denmark in 1883.

They were married in St Mark's Church in Warwick that year.

Carl bought a selection of land at Longridge, near Paddy's Knob for two shillings and sixpence per acre to be paid over a period of forty years, and he also bought land on the banks of the Condamine River where they built their first home.

Carl worked hard at cutting and hauling timber to Petersen's Mill by bullock wagon.

They had nine children altogether, Charles, Alfred, Amy, Anger, Tiny, Agnes, Robert, Arthur and Gordon, the last eight being born at The Head.

Most of the sons grew up working in the timber industry and owning their own bullock teams.

When Carl and Hanne moved to Killarney in the early 1920s they pulled the front section of their house apart and rebuilt it in Arbutus Street where they also built a smokehouse and made beautiful Danish Sausages. That home is still standing.

Charles, the eldest son, grew up at The Head helping his father and brothers cutting and hauling timber until he decided to buy property of his own.

He chose the area called Paddy's Knob which was rich with timber on top but very steep grading.

His father said he would never get a bullock team to the top, but he cut a way up the back of the mountain and one snigging track across the top of the cliffs to the east and another to the north east along a ridge top.

Charles married Ivy Wells in 1910 and they lived at The Head in what the locals called the Nelson Hut at Longridge and what was called Frog's Hollow (that name has more recently been changed to Adginbilly Road).

When he had saved enough money, Charles bought 200 acres of farmland in Killarney and moved there with his family in 1923.

He continued to cut and haul timber while his wife and children worked the farm.

When the timber was finished he bought another 364 acres behind his farm, Backhouse Mountain, and he worked the farm full time growing corn and stock, ran a dairy herd and grew potatoes for household use.

Charles and Ivy had ten children, Dorothy (Dot Wagner), Agnes (Ag Jenner), May (Bradford), Leonard, Isabell (Taylor), John, Freda (Jukes), Ronald, Evelyn (Brooks) and Dawn (Jensen).

It is Dawn's son Paul and wife Jenni who are organising the Nelson family gathering on September 26 at Killarney after spending the last two years tracing the family history and putting together the Nelson family tree. For inquiries call Paul and Jenni on 5448 5707.

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