Shannon’s new hairstyle is now sophisticated and easy to manage.
Shannon’s new hairstyle is now sophisticated and easy to manage.

New look all about Ooh La La impact

THEY say a change is as good as a holiday, and for new Daily News chief of staff, Shannon Newley, a holiday wasn't an option.

So instead she was pampered by the team at Ooh La La Beaute and has come away feeling more rejuvenated than ever before.

Hairdresser Jaime White worked her magic, styling and cutting, and beauty therapist Shannon Doyle brushed, powdered and bronzed.

The makeover started with Miss White talking to Miss Newley about the type of style she would like.

"I wanted something a bit different to what I normally have," Miss Newley said.

"I could never really do much with my hair.

"I either straightened it or pulled it back which gets extremely boring after a while.

"I really didn't know what I wanted but I knew I wanted a change."

Miss White said the perfect style for Shannon was something sophisticated and easy to maintain.

"I decided to give Shannon a concave bob because it's something that looks good on anyone," she said.

"It's not hard to maintain but you can do a few different styles with it.

"Whether you curl it or straighten it, you can even pull it up," she said.

"If Shannon wanted to dye her hair I think a dark chocolate would go great with the bob.

"A lot of people tend to go darker for winter."

After Miss Newley's hair had been styled it was time for her to sit in the make-up chair with Shannon Doyle.

"I was very excited to have my make-up done," Miss Newley said.

"My skin is problematic and I get worried about caking it with make-up but it felt great and covered up all of those imperfections.

"I always get worried about doing my eyes because they are small and almond shaped which means if you get it wrong, they look even smaller.

"But Shannon really opened them up and made them look bigger while also getting rid of the dark bags (it was my first week as chief of staff and there were a few sleepless nights).

"I absolutely loved the make-up," she said.

"I would definitely buy the make-up Shannon used for me. I never really know exactly what shade of things to get and there is just too much to choose from but with the guidance Shannon gave me I would be happy to stock up on it."

Miss Newley said she was impressed with the makeover from Ooh La La.

"I love my new hairstyle. I love that I can just blow-dry it or straighten it or curl it really easily but it still looks good," she said.

"I can still pin it back off my face as well. It's quite different to what I had, much more sleek, but not so different it was hard to get used to.

"It's definitely easier but I do spend more time on it because I actually like doing it now.

"I will definitely be going back to Ooh La La after my experience," she said.

"The girls at Ooh La La were great. I felt really comfortable.

"I learnt so much about make-up, how to deal with my small eyes and skin type, the best way to test colours and they also made some great suggestions for hair colours for my skin tone so I'll be back to get that done as well."

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