WARWICK'S newest shop, What The Pop?! opened its doors today to crowds of excited pop culture fans.

The store, which is the brainchild of Warwick Video Ezy owner Jeff Clark, is movie memorabilia heaven.

Mr Clark said the idea grew organically from having the video store.

"We had all this extra room in the store, we decided to put it to use," he said.

"Now we've outgrown the space and have opened this store to cater for the market we have here in Warwick."

Mr Clark said the resurgence in a love of all things movie-related was down to the permeation of American culture in Australian society.

"It's always been there, movie franchises have always been big business, but there's a fascination with American and movie related products," he said.

"People love the movies and that inspires them to seek out related memorabilia.

"The confectionary has a unique novelty aspect to it.

"People hear about Twinkies and cereals like Cap'n Crunch and Lucky Charms via the movies and when they see we stock, they just want to try it, it's the novelty of it, it's different.

"These products are all new and quite different from what we have in Australia and distinctly American and people are intrigued by and interested in them."

Local lad Jack Lincoln-Williams said his mum had heaps of Pop figurines.

"She collects them," he said.

"She likes the movies and the tv shows and these figurines are something extra for the fans."

Mr Clark said the tshirts and poster were an extension of that love of movie related products.

"There's nothing like it in Warwick, so now people won't have to travel to Toowoomba or Brisbane to find their favourite film poster or t-shirt," he said.

"It's all a part of that movie culture.

"People love the retro stuff, which is really popular, it's a very strong scene.

"We've had quite a lot of people come through today as well, which has been a great start."

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