TEMP TALES: Nicole Kane has a thousand stories
TEMP TALES: Nicole Kane has a thousand stories Jonno Colfs

Nicole Kane and her brushes with fame

SHE’S rubbed shoulders with superstars like Bono and Billy Zane, and had Mariah Carey for a neighbour but for Nicole Kane, Warwick is where the heart is.

Born and raised in Nambour, Mrs Kane left school in Year 11 so she could start chasing her dreams.

“I already had three jobs and I just wanted to go places,” she said.

“I was never really interested in school.

“I wanted a car and to travel; probably trying to grow up too fast.”

That first full-time job was at a newsagency and Mrs Kane said it was the ultimate starter job.

“I absolutely loved it,” she said.

“It was always so busy, the people were great and I learnt so many valuable skills there that I’ve kept right through to now.

“Rainy days were the best, because the mall was packed and everyone was happy to be indoors.

“There was excitement too; I sold a few winning lotto tickets and scratchies, and once these punk kids came in with machetes after the manager has kicked them out for mucking around.”

Mrs Kane said her life changed after her dad showed her an advertisement for au pair work in the USA.

“I think he wanted more for me, he wanted me to get out and see the world,” she said.

“So I ended up as an au pair for a family in upstate New York, Westchester County.

“The couple were freelance photographers and I looked after their little boy.

“Mariah Carey lived in the next street and Richard Gere a few streets away.

“One day Donald Trump’s ex-wife had a proper garage sale nearby, so I went for a look, there were security guards and she had clothes were selling for thousands of dollars, needless to say I didn’t buy a thing, it was completely hilarious.”

Then while on holiday, travelling through the US, Mrs Kane met a young Irishman named Derek, and when her 12 months work was up, she followed him to Ireland and life with her future husband began.

“For time I worked in a music store in the international wing of Dublin airport. (It was a) great job, listening to music all day,” she said.

“I met Bono and Billy Zane and a heap of Irish sports and soapie stars that I didn’t recognise.

“After that I worked in a bank and was caught up in an armed robbery one day.

“I think it was my last week, because I was heavily pregnant with my first child, but I remember seeing the motorcycle helmet and a shotgun.

“It took a while to register what was going on.

“I worked in a small team in the room where all the money was and a colleague grabbed me and looked me in the eyes and said, ‘this is not a drill’.

“He turned the lights out and locked the room down and we hid.

Despite holding the gun to the head of one of the front desk staff, the guy only got away with the money from the registers.

Mrs Kane said she and her husband bought a house in Nambour while still in Ireland.

“There was no way we could afford to buy in Ireland at the time,” she said.

“But when we moved back we realised Ireland wasn’t where we wanted to be.

“My brother lived in Warwick so we came here.

“I had a couple of jobs, at the Commonwealth bank and out in the industrial estate before I saw a gap in the market in Warwick.

“So I started Temp Solutions to fill that gap.”

Mrs Kane said each day is completely different.

“It depends who walk through the door or who calls us up.

“We’ll be doing something different each day.

“There could be panic stations at a local business because a staff member has called in sick and I’ll have to figure out which of my staff members is the best fit for the job, who knows the software etc.”

As far as Warwick goes, the Kanes love it.

“There is so much opportunity here and so many genuinely friendly people.

“And so much to do, there’s always something on.”

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