Angel obsession overtaking world

AN angel obsession to rival the world's current vampire craze is in full flight. But author Doreen Virtue says that while vampires are fictional, angels are very real and here to help us.

Doreen is a publishing phenomenon, having sold 12 million books and 10 million card decks worldwide.

The Hawaii-based author believes we have at least two guardian angels accompanying us through life, and all we need to do to receive their help is ask.

Each November at the Hyatt Regency Coolum, she runs her Angel Intuitive course with the aim of teaching people how to communicate with angels.

An estimated 400 participants will travel from around Australia and overseas for this year's course, with 6000 having participated since its inception in 2002.

Promoter Hay House Australia said about 80% of attendees are women.

“Men think of angels as kind of fluffy,” Doreen said. “But the ones who come to our course get a lot of attention.”

Doreen dismisses the airy-fairy image of angels with wings, saying they offer practical advice and are as much a part of us as our hearts and brains.

“The angels will tell you things like eat better, exercise, forgive someone, think positive, talk positive,” she said.

“I tell people who are sceptical or confused to try asking your angels for help and then see what happens.

“For instance, if you've lost something – your car keys or a ring – you can ask archangel Chameul to show you where that item is.

“You'll get intuitive feelings and thoughts and if you go look where it is, you'll find that item and you'll see this is real.”

Doreen said the course would be a life-changing experience and those who attended not only learned how to talk to their angels, but also develop psychic abilities and attract more love, health, wealth and success into their lives.

She is a frequent talk show guest and has appeared on Oprah twice. So, any chance of Doreen having a word to Oprah's angels about a visit to the Coast?

“Oprah's a very different person to anyone I've ever met in my life,” Doreen said. “She's someone who would have to make up her own mind.

“I think she was born to be an example that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it. I believe she's an earth angel sent to all of us to help us overcome our self-perceived limitations.”

Oprah's angelic qualities aside, Doreen said the reason we could not see angels was because they existed at a higher, non-physical frequency.

“It doesn't matter if you believe in them or what your religious background is, when you listen to your angels you become a happier, more compassionate person,” she said.

Doreen will work for the first time with the Archangel Raphael at her November course.

She writes about him in her new book The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael (Hay House, April 2010).

“Raphael has taught me that if you ask the body, it will tell you the reason for its condition,” Doreen said.

“Instead of fighting the condition or getting mad at it, you can actually get grateful that it has served its purpose.

“If you feel you have excess weight, instead of dieting or getting mad at the weight, you can ask the weight, ‘Why are you with me?'. Usually the weight provides some form of protection. Then you say, ‘Thank you, weight', then you bless it and love it, and then it doesn't have to be there anymore.”

Doreen believes if everybody communicated with angels, the world would be happier and the reason angels don't stop bad things from happening to good people is that we have free will: “We have free will. The angels stand by and they hope we choose happiness or love, but they can't impose it on us.”

The Angel Intuitive, is from November 19-21 at the Hyatt Regency Coolum. Call (02) 9669 4299 or visit

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