No bail for teen accused of attempted murder

ACCUSED attempted murderer Maddison Paige Brown will miss Christmas with her family after an unsuccessful bail bid.

The Banks Pocket teen was initially granted bail after being charged for her involvement in a shooting in Caboolture in March.

But Ms Brown, 19, was sent back to jail for allegedly making indirect threats via Facebook while on strict bail conditions to co-accused Jessica Groves, who made a police statement about the shooting.

The alleged shooting victim was put in an induced coma and underwent surgery for his injuries.

Solicitor Michael Robinson argued for bail again in Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday but withdrew the application after Justice Debra Mullins made it clear she was unlikely to grant bail.

Mr Robinson said Ms Groves admitted to police she went to the Caboolture house to recover a debt owed to her and Ms Brown went with her.

He said Ms Groves told two men to stay in the car and she did not know they had come into the house shooting.

Mr Robinson also questioned evidence from the alleged victim who claimed he had no weapon.

"It's clear from forensics that there were three firearms involved," he said.

"It seems after events, (the alleged victim) moved his vehicle which was parked in his driveway to a couple of streets away.

"When police recovered that vehicle they found 10 firearms in the boot, one of which had bloodstains on it and his fingerprints on the trigger."

Mr Robinson said it was unclear who fired first because the alleged victim claimed he had no gun and Ms Groves said she was in another room when shots were fired.

"It may never be ascertained who has fired the first shot," he said.

"(Ms Groves) does see the complainant fire his weapon and she does see the complainant reload his weapon."

Justice Mullins said Ms Brown did not behave appropriately while on bail and she had not served sufficient time to cover a sentence for retaliating against a witness.

She suggested a bail application would be stronger once Ms Brown had spent more time in custody.

Mr Robinson withdrew the bail application and the court was adjourned.


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