Cr Mally McMurtrie
Cr Mally McMurtrie

No new nominees for mayor yet

DESPITE the meeting for all our council nominees on Wednesday night, the line-up remains just as unclear as to who will put their hand up to lead the region.

The Daily News attended the Intending Candidates Seminar and afterwards contacted a number of attendees.

Yet, none of the new faces were ready to publicly declare their intentions to run for councillor or Mayor.

Eighteen people attended the seminar at Condamine Sports Club to get a taste of what the industry was all about.

Among those in attendance were already-confirmed Kim Olsen and Mary Rofe who have already begun their campaigns in the lead up to the March election.

Mr Olsen said he was confident about his decision to run for Mayor.

"I'm confident I can do it and do it well and I have received very good feedback," Mr Olsen said.

Current Councillors Mally McMurtrie and Vic Pennisi were the only ones within the council who turned up.

Cr Mally McMurtrie still remains undecided if she will run for council or Mayor but Cr Vic Pennisi will definitely be in the running for a council position.

One attendee who wished to remain anonymous said the information delivered at the presentation was a good insight, but did little to answer the questions most were seeking.

"The information from the Department of Local Government and Planning was very comprehensive, but most attendees wanted more detail, such as exact dates for candidate registration, when and where can signage be erected, when will ballot papers go out but this information is not yet available, and no dates have been set for when this information comes out," he said.

The seminar was put on by the Department of Local Government and Planning and was held in a small number of places around the State.

Toowoomba Deputy mayor Paul Antonio spoke at the event and the attendee said his deliverance was beneficial.

"He was quite honest and sincere, and you could tell it wasn't used as a political stint or anything, but he really spoke from the heart," he said.

"Paul Antonio and Goondiwindi CEO Peter Stewart both spoke very well on both the roles of elected representatives, as well as the relationship between the executive and administrative arms of councils.

"In particular, the honesty and sincerity of both speakers seemed to go down well with all attendees."

The meeting detailed governmental strategies and protocols, expectations and obligations and how to construct a campaign.

Pamphlets were distributed to attendees on how to minimise risk during a campaign and potential candidates sponged up the information.

So far, the only confirmed Mayoral candidates are Mr Olsen and Deputy Mayor Peter Blundell after announcing his decision this week.

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