VANDALS have desecrated the historic Warwick Railway Station.

Members from the Southern Downs Steam Railway arrived this morning to discover a scene of destruction.

A total of five windows had been smashed by the vandals and large rocks lay at the scene as evidence of the tools used to carry out the crime.

Police were called to the scene to investigate and a report will be made into the incident.

Southern Downs Steam Railway spokesman Bob Amos said the vandalism was a huge shame.

"I'm very disappointed this has occurred," he said.

"We've all put in a lot of volunteer work to get this heritage train service running for the benefit of the community and it's a wonderful experience for those who step aboard and take a ride on the steam train."

Mr Amos said a large part of that experience was being able to operate out of the lovely Warwick Railway Station.

"It just seems to me to be incredible that we have on the one hand, a group of volunteers that are working extremely hard on behalf on the community and there's an element within the community that just want to trash the place we're using and I just find that extremely disappointing," he said.

"The heritage railway is of great benefit to the community in that the people that come here to ride the train bring a lot of business here.

"They stay in our motels, they eat out locally, they spend their money in our shops, they go to the wineries, so the ripples go out widely from what we do and it's annoying for us to have to waste time and money to deal with this."

Mr Amos said the volunteers would be responsible for cleaning up the mess.

"It's Queensland Rail property and they will pay for the damage but in the meantime we've got a train going out on Saturday night and before that can go, we'll certainly have to tidy up all the broken glass and cover over the broken windows as interim until Qld Rail can have it repaired properly," he said.

"It's another little job, an unnecessary job that we shouldn't have to do on top of what we're doing already.

"It's a real shame that there are some people who don't have any pride for the lovely city we live in."

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