COMMENT: No shortage of passion among Rose City residents

WITH the council elections almost upon us, those members of the Warwick community who are well and truly town proud are coming out of the woodwork.

Despite being a major hub of the Southern Downs, many outsiders might consider the Rose City little more than a sleepy little country town.

Behind the scenes there are undeniably people who are working hard to better their community.

Working for the Daily News I have been fortunate to meet many people striving to make Warwick great.

From business owners to performers, it is ceaselessly inspiring to meet people who have such a proud sense of place and love for their surroundings.

I feel these people, who, despite hardships, continue to fight to improve their community, can lead us into the future and it's been an absolute pleasure sharing those stories with the rest of the community.

Now as council nominations flood in, one can only hope that this enthusiasm will translate to a council that is passionate and can help Warwick and the entire region succeed into the future.

Without a doubt, there are grounds to criticise the actions of the serving council, but I feel this could instead be the right time to look ahead and elect a council that can ensure the Southern Downs will thrive for years to come.

LIVE: Tallying of councillor votes begins

premium_icon LIVE: Tallying of councillor votes begins

The tallying of councillor votes is under way.

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