Not enough 'appetite' for push against LNP

UNLUCKY FEW: Josh Coyne, Joel Richters and Rob Mackenzie couldn't swing enough votes for the win over James Lister (right).
UNLUCKY FEW: Josh Coyne, Joel Richters and Rob Mackenzie couldn't swing enough votes for the win over James Lister (right). Matthew Purcell

WHEN all was said and done there could be only one election winner and that tag looks likely to belong to the LNP's James Lister.

While the Electoral Commission of Queensland has yet to proclaim Lister the winner, he and some of his former rivals are comfortable in doing so.

Touted as the person most likely to run Lister close, Independent Rob Mackenzie said he's not entirely surprised by the result.

"I think at the end of the day people were more comfortable to stick with the major parties and are not inclined to support Independents just yet.

"Even though they all seem to whinge that nothing's getting done and it needs a shake-up, they're not willing when they get to the ballot box to finally make that last decision.

"That's their democratic right and we just misgauged how much of an appetite there was for supporting Independents,” he said.

Mr Mackenzie spent months on the road, and despite the outcome, is comfortable with the campaign he ran.

"I mean you'd always do something different or better but at the end of the day I think we gave it a red hot go.”

The only surprise for him was the volume of votes for One Nation's Josh Coyne.

"Everybody was basically where I thought they'd be, the only difference is I thought that my percentage would basically be where Josh's is (20.15 per cent at last count) and Josh where I am.”

The Lister and Mackenzie rivalry mightn't be done and dusted just yet though. He hasn't dismissed running at the next state election.

At last count James Lister had 41% of the vote with Rob Mackenzie on 16.71%, Josh Coyne 20.15% , Labor's Joel Richters 16.93, The Greens' Antonia van Geuns 4.09% and Independent Jay Nauss on just 0.91%.

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