NUDE RIDE: A naked Brendan Anderson crashed his Suzuki motorcycle in a police pursuit.
NUDE RIDE: A naked Brendan Anderson crashed his Suzuki motorcycle in a police pursuit.

Not rational: Nude biker’s police chase pain

ASTOUNDED onlookers couldn't believe what they were seeing when a naked man on a high-powered motorcycle tore past as he sped away from police.

The pursuit didn't end well for rider Brendan Anderson, who eventually lost control and crashed the Suzuki GSX 1300R.

Suffering gravel rash on his bare back and torso, the rider then ran naked through local streets knocking on doors and windows and yelling out at baffled residents.

An Ipswich court heard that even children playing in a suburban street were traumatised by his behaviour that afternoon.

Anderson's bizarre offending was laid bare when he appeared for sentence in Ipswich Magistrates Court.

Brendan John Paul Anderson, 44, from Rosewood, pleaded guilty to dangerous operation of a motorcycle when adversely affected by an intoxicating substance on December 17 last year; driving UIL; obstruct/hinder an ambulance officer; riding a motorcycle with no registration plate; riding without a helmet; causing public nuisance; hindering police; possession of dangerous drugs; two charges of driving when unlicensed (suspended) on February 28 and March 7; and possession of a knife.

Prosecutor, Acting Sergeant Bernard Elmore sought a jail sentence of 15 months for the dangerous driving, to be suspended for 18 months and go with a supervised probation order.

He said the late afternoon crash occurred near Ripley Rd when Anderson lost control while accelerating at the on-ramp to the Cunningham Highway.

The court heard he fled the crash scene on foot and ran through several streets at Flinders View.

Sgt Elmore said Anderson had been verbally abusive, and while naked had gone around banging on doors and windows of multiple houses demanding cigarettes from residents.

Police said children playing in the street were traumatised by the site of the naked, bleeding and abusive man.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said the high-level of intoxication was not from alcohol as Anderson only drank a couple of beers.

"The first three substances analysed (in his blood) were prescribed medications. Included antipsychotic and antidepressants. He also used cannabis," Mr Fairclough said.

"He is unable to explain his behaviour, which was bizarre in that he was not wearing any clothes.

"He was clearly affected by a combination of what he had taken. He may have taken medications beyond the recommended dosage or it was a combination of cannabis and alcohol.

"It was not rational behaviour."

Magistrate David Shepherd said that in police facts Anderson told an officer he may have taken acid, or that the cannabis may have been laced with something, but this was not reflected in his (blood) analysis.

Mr Shepherd said Anderson has also tried to bite a paramedic.

Mr Fairclough said a doctor stated Anderson have suffered drug-induced psychosis.

He said his client was struggling with a relationship breakdown with anxiety and depression.

Mr Shepherd said Anderson was later caught twice by police driving illegally.

On February 28 he was caught behind the wheel of a Nissan Skyline at Eastern Heights, and in possession of a 'credit card' style knife.

He was again caught driving illegally on March 7.

Mr Shepherd said he was found with just under seven grams of cannabis in the March incident.

"Your conduct is described as bizarre, which seems a complete understatement of what was going on," Mr Shepherd said.

Concerned at what may be the cause of his bizarre behaviours that day, Mr Shepherd said he should perhaps go back to his doctor about his medication.

It may also have been a bad reaction to the combination of cannabis and medication, Mr Shepherd saying there "is only one way to stop that".

Mr Shepherd said that ultimately Anderson must take responsibility for his conduct.

Anderson was sentenced to an 18-month jail term for the dangerous operation when affected by an intoxicating substance charge; and to lesser sentences on the other charges.

It included two months jail for wilful exposure, and four months jail for obstructing the ambulance paramedic. He was given immediate parole and will face urine tests.

Mr Shepherd noted that Anderson told police he removed the rego plates from his motorcycle.

He was issued two licence disqualifications of two years, and one for 12 months. It will be up to Queensland Transport to decide if this will be five years in total.

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