Not so awesome night for Canberra on My Kitchen Rules

Andrew and Emelia's
Andrew and Emelia's "finger five" couldn't save their entree.

CANBERRA'S Andrew and Emelia aimed for an awesome debut on My Kitchen Rules tonight, but their instant restaurant was more of a fizzler.

As the first-ever team from the ACT to cook on the show, the pressure was on for the newly dating couple.

Watching Andrew and Emelia enthusiastically run around Canberra buying the ingredients for their three-course dinner begged the question: is it possible for two people to be this peppy all the time?

Their "Berralicious" instant restaurant featured a colourful but confusing array of decorations including balloons, lollies and a bicycle.

They got off to a rocky start with the overpowering Jack Daniels sauce in their entree.

"You've cooked it well. It's juicy and it's sweet, and that's it," judge Manu Feildel said.

"It's very, very confusing. I don't even know what the sauce is made of.

"I don't know where you got that recipe. It should stay in America."

The couple then had a stand-off in the kitchen over the timing of the rest of their meal.

As their guests waited nearly two hours for the main, they resorted to eating the lollypop decorations.

The stress showed as the couple served up a less than gourmet gumbo.

"This is very underwhelming," Pete Evans said.

"There was an okay flavor in the sauce and that's the one thing that saved this dish. I talk about love and cooking a lot and I don't get it in this dish."

But the young lovebirds regrouped to finish on a high note with their simple, but delicious dessert.

"It's better to be plain rather than over-whipped and curdled," Feildel said.

"I think you've redeemed yourself a little."

At the table, the rivalry between Greek twins Helena and Vikki and Perth friends Chloe and Kelly continued to escalate, with Chloe and Kelly calling the twins "dumb acting dumber".

What the menu lacked in spice, the two young girls teams made up for with snarky looks and comments.

Blair nailed it: "the knives were out just for the sake of having the knives out".

Good on Paul and Blair for wearing their purple and red safari suits as a nod to Andrew's quirky personality.

Andrew and Emelia were clearly devastated by their low score of 47. Now they can only hope another team does worse to avoid elimination at the end of the instant restaurant round.

In the kitchen tomorrow night are Gold Coast surfers and teachers Paul and Blair.



Entrée: Shrimp in a barrel

Main: Gourmet gumbo with seafood and chorizo sausage

Dessert: Chocolate cherry tart with Kirsch cream

Score: 47/100

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