NSW announces new restrictions


Tough new restrictions in New South Wales will see weddings forced to limit their guest lists once more, as "all indoor hospitality venues" become limited to bookings of no more than 10 per group.

Weddings will be able to have no more than 150 people, with everyone to remain seated at all times, while funerals will be limited to 100.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the changes would come into place on July 24, giving businesses a week to prepare.

The four-square metre rule will still apply to venues, and the smaller number, whether it is by space or by limit, will apply to each venue.

Ms Berejiklian said there would be no changes today to the amount of people allowed in your home, but she flagged the state's Chief Health Officer, Kerry Chant, was advising it be reduced to 10 shortly.

While weddings have a larger attendee limit, there can be "no dancing, no singing, no mingling".

The celebration must take place with everyone seated at all times, and anything held indoors was still subject to the four square-metre rule.

"If you have a smaller space, you might only be allowed to have 20 people in your space," she said.

Weddings were given a slight reprieve on restrictions compared to funerals because the ceremony could take place with everyone completely seated, while this can be impossible for some funerals.

"This is to give us every opportunity to keep New South Wales as open as possible," Ms Berejiklian said.

"Every opportunity for New South Wales to keep moving forward, but we say this in the context that we have to be flexible, we have to appreciate once this disease gets into the community it moves very, very quickly and in ways in which we can't always predict.

"What we need to do in New South Wales is minimise the risk of those activities which we know super spread the virus, those activities indoors which we know act as a catalyst."

Eight new cases of coronavirus were announced for NSW on Friday, from testing up to 8pm on Thursday night.

Of those, two were in hotel quarantine and six were cases of community transmission.

A further five tested positive after 8pm - three were linked to the Crossroads Hotel cluster, but were not at the Casula pub, as well as a man in his 40s and a teenager, which are both under investigation.

Ms Chant said there had been five recent cases reporting they had spent time at Wetherill Park's Stockland mall while infectious, and a new cluster is thought to be emerging out of a Thai restaurant.

"We are urging anyone who is at the mall in the last two weeks to be particularly vigilant for symptoms, and especially those who attended the Thai Rock restaurant on the 10th, 11th, 12th, or 14th of July to watch carefully for symptoms and if they occur, isolate and immediately come forward for testing," she said.

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