Girl's nude pics land man in court

A YOUNG man's first taste of romance found him in hot water after the teenage girl sent him nude photographs.

In a warning to young people who date someone still legally regarded as a child, the man was charged after the images were deemed to be child pornography.

The 22-year-old pleaded guilty in Ipswich District Court to one count of possessing child exploitation material in October 2017.

The court heard the images were of his 15-year-old girlfriend.

He was aged 21 at the time and it was his first romantic love interest.

In the Crown prosecution case, the girl instigated sending him the revealing photos.

Crown prosecutor Caitlin Thompson said the young man had already been dealt with in Ipswich Magistrates Court in April for one count of having carnal knowledge of a child under 16 and sentenced to a two-year, supervised probation order. No conviction was recorded against him.

Ms Thompson said none of the 78 images of the girl in his possession depicted sexual activity.

"He says he did not solicit them, and much of it was initiated by herself," she said.

When viewing Crown facts before him, Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren SC said the girlfriend admitted she had willingly shared the images with the man.

The Crown submission on penalty was that it was open to the court to convict only on the charge because of the man's previous sentence.

Defence lawyer Shaune Irving said the young man found himself in a unique position.

"This was his first experience with the opposite sex," Mr Irving said.

"He never sought, never requested the images from the child.

"He did not disclose them (to police) at the time (of previous charges) and that's why he is in court today.

"We seek that he is not further punished."

Judge Horneman-Wren said there was only one image in the higher category 4, while 15 were classified as category 2.

"She sent you the images of herself. You told police you did not save them and that you had asked her not to send them," he said.

Judge Horneman-Wren said he found the offence to be "very much at the low end of the scale" with regard to such matters.

It was his view that if the offence had been dealt with at the same time as the other related offences, it would not have resulted in further punishment.

The man was convicted but not further punished.

A conviction was not recorded.

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