Oh-oh, numbers don't stack up

THE Queensland Electoral Commission has moved to ensure voters all systems are under control after a batch of Southern Downs Regional Council (SDRC) ballot papers were mistakenly sent to voters in the Lockyer Valley.

A commission spokesman yesterday confirmed "a small number" of ballot papers destined for our region were duplicated and sent incorrectly.

"The ballot papers are printed in batches of 20, with a piece of cardboard backing under them," he said.

"One batch of Southern Downs ballot papers 20 was incorrectly addressed, and this has happened on one instance in both the Tablelands and Whitsunday council areas.

"That's out of a total of 370,000 ballot papers printed for the whole of Queensland, so it's a small number."

The spokesman said the affected Lockyer Valley electors had contacted the commission and fresh ballot papers were issued.

Concerns have also been raised by candidates about a potential lack of resources to count votes in the returning officer's office on Palmerin St, from 6pm next Saturday.

It was understood fewer than than five counters are to be employed, with only two computers between them to record the tally.

The commission spokesman yesterday said the number of computers was "irrelevant".

"The ballot papers will be counted in the normal way, beginning at 6pm election night," he said.

"The length of time will depend upon the closeness of the count and the timing of the return of ballot material."


Anyone with any concerns or needing any assistance with voting should contact ECQ's Voters' Helpline on 1300 881 665.


How to vote...

YOU have to vote for eight councillors - if you vote for less your vote will be invalid. Also, be careful how you mark them. Numbering your preferences from one to eight is the best way to ensure you get it right.

When voting for the mayor it is a simple case of pick one and one only - any more than one will make your mayoral vote invalid.

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