Oman Ama residents write to minister, say no to nuclear

THE Friends of Oman Ama have written to Minister for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia Josh Frydenberg, demanding their small community be removed from a shortlist of six sites for a potential nuclear waste dump.

The group represents landholders neighbouring the proposed site and community members in nearby towns including Inglewood, Texas and Karara.

Nearby resident Dr Colin Owen said he was not convinced the proposed facility was 100% risk free, despite an intensive campaign from the Federal Government to convince residents it would be.

"Mishaps have occurred in such facilities around the world, including at Lucas Heights in Sydney" he said.

"Such mishaps could have disastrous effects on the health and environment of our community."

Susan Campbell, a registered mental health nurse and immediate neighbour of the proposed site, is worried about the local community.

"There is already a level of anxiety in segments of our community," she said.

"There are concerns too, about land values and the future of our growing tourism initiatives.

"Is clean, green and rural compatible with nuclear waste?" 

Nearby resident Dr Bob Morrish's family has been in the district for over a hundred years.

"The Government people have not been clear about the difference between storage and disposal, particularly in relation to the so called 'interim' storage of intermediate level radioactive waste," he said.

"They have refused to define 'interim' but suggested it could be as long as 30 years. That sounds like 'indefinite'."

The Friends of Oman Ama have advised the Minister that they reject the proposal in its entirety and asked that he terminate the indoctrination program.

The group has also written to the applicant landholder urging that he withdraw his application in the interests of future community harmony.

In their letter to the minister, the Friends of Oman Ama requested there be no more meetings with the department.

"There is an element of circularity and, in view of the above rejection resolution, we see this as a waste of taxpayer funds. Further, we believe that trips to Lucas Heights, as promoted, would be similarly wasteful," the letter reads.

"We await your response which, we would hope, will bring to an end this unwanted and unwelcome intrusion into our lives and our community."

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