On the hunt for J sports

MY move through the alphabet of sports in the Warwick area has been an interesting exercise.

This week is J, but there are none.

Judo is one of the J sports but I have never heard of it in the area, well at least not officially.

There is plenty of activity in the martial arts, but none in judo.

As I move through the alphabet, I have urged residents to ring me with any sports I missed.

We haven't missed any which have a club or association in the area, but there is plenty of activity in greyhound racing on the Southern Downs.

Race caller Anthony Collins is one of few interested in all three racing disciplines; thoroughbred racing, harness racing and the greyhounds.

He calls horse races, has driven and trained harness racing horses with great success and now races dogs.

Collins estimates there are a dozen greyhound trainers in the area.

The dogs from this area chase that mechanical rabbit on tracks at Moree, Ipswich, Armidale, Tweed Heads and Albion Park.

Sounds like a sport I could get in to, but still have a sheep dog half trained, so better pass for now.

Perhaps the Mobil at Amberley needs a pet food department for trainers heading home from Ipswich and Albion Park.

You often see more locals at the Mobil than you do in town.

In another three weeks, I go on holidays for a fortnight so would welcome information on K to M sports before Christmas and N to Z in the New Year.

Anyone who missed reading about a sport they are interested in can always come in to the front counter at the Daily News and go through Wednesday's papers.

Feel free to email gerardw@warwickdailynews.com.au with details of sports or requests for information on a sport you want to try.

It has been an interesting exercise speaking to clubs in the past fortnight about the Daily News Sporting Yearbook.

The yearbook has been made possible by the sponsoring clubs, but we also have a brief on each sport in the district.

See the yearbook in the Daily News on Monday.

Clubs keen to be involved next year can call Deanna Millard on 46601360 or email deanna.millard@warwickdailynews.com.au.

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