Rockhampton Hospital.
Rockhampton Hospital.

One new case of COVID-19 in Central Queensland

THERE has been another case of COVID-19 confirmed in the Central Queensland Health and Hospital system today, making it five for the region as 46 new cases were confirmed statewide.

This brings the state tally to 443 cases.

Queensland Health could not confirm where in Central Queensland the case is, but it is believed to be from Rockhampton and related to the three cases prior.

It is understood the cases are people who were part of the same travelling group that recently returned from overseas and flew into Rockhampton.

There are unconfirmed reports on social media that the travellers may have come off a recently-docked cruise ship.

There has been much discourse of late regarding the flow of case information or at times, lack thereof, from Queensland Health.

Queensland Health has previously explained reasons for delays in confirming results after testing possible patients.

"The time between an initial positive testing result of COVID-19 and a public declaration of a confirmed case can take between 12-48 hours," a Queensland Health spokesperson said.

"This is because it is critical to ensure a patient has returned a true positive result before enacting a help of a public health unit, or asking an individual and their close contacts to isolate.

"Occasionally, this may mean testing the patient more than once to avoid a false positive, or a false negative result.

"Additionally, the testing and reporting cycle can mean cases can be confirmed overnight, and publicly reported the following day.

"We understand members of the community might feel concerned about the recent confirmed cases of COVID-19 in their area."

Mackay also recorded two new cases, pushing its case total to four.

Earlier today, local representative called to have Central Queensland locked down to non-essential travellers from the southeast.

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