Curtis Pitt
Curtis Pitt Greg Miller

LNP budget will increase taxes by $1k for Qld families: Labor

THE Queensland Opposition claims the average household will pay an extra $1000 a year in taxes and levies imposed in this State Budget.

Treasurer Tim Nicholls has labelled the figure "complete and utter rubbish" while Premier Campbell Newman argued Queenslanders were "massively in front" with the LNP.

The Queensland Council of Unions calculated on State Budget day that the extra cost to an average family was $600 a year in charges, levies and taxes.

The Opposition on Wednesday calculated the figure $400 higher after multiplying the $257 per capita tax increase by four for the average household.

"Queenslanders are doing it tough under this government," Opposition treasurer Curtis Pitt said.

"We know the average family is going to be $1000 worse off by way of new taxes and charges.

"This is on top of price rises in electricity by 22.6% that was announced on Friday.

"They really can't afford it at this time."

Mr Pitt said the main portion of the cost of living increase was the increased insurance tax and fire levy.

He said this came after the LNP promised to save households $330 a year on cost of living expenses.

Mr Nicholls said he did not have figures for regional Queensland because the rise would be different depending on where people lived.

Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls.
Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls. Dave Hunt

But he said he had averages for residents in the south-east corner and would not take the opposition figures at face value.

"What we know is that for an average $300,000 house with $75,000 contents insurance premium, here in the south-east that'll add about $25 a year," he said.

"For a comprehensive third party insurance policy that will add about $36 a year.

"These are figures just being made up out of the air (from the opposition)."

Mr Newman said if his government had not chopped thousands of jobs last year, then tax rises would be far greater and "absolutely mandatory".

Mr Pitt also pointed to the $1900 a table LNP post-budget lunch on Wednesday which was "incidentally" the price the average power bill in Queensland would rise come July.

He said that was "tens of thousands of dollars that would be poured into the LNP coffers on the back of something that is providing government employees an opportunity to talk about what they do day to day".

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